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Friday, April 24, 2015

My Maine Adventure! - Part 1

As those of you who are my friends on Facebook already know, this summer I will be a Copywriting Intern at L.L. Bean!!!!! I spent all day today in Freeport, and will be visiting Portland tomorrow.

Being from Southeastern CT, I'd say that Freeport is like a mix between the town of Mystic, CT and the Clinton Crossings Premium Outlet Mall in Clinton, CT - except everyone is much friendlier and laid-back here in Freeport! I cannot tell a lie: today I wore those knit camp socks (that people usually wear with snow boots or something) with running shoes and not one person raised an eyebrow at my fashion faux pas…  #blessed.

Here are some pictures from my Maine adventure! - Part 1 :

Best part of the hotel room? The mini-fridge for storing leftovers from restaurant excursions <3333

Speaking of restaurant excursions, I highly recommend going to Azure for lunch!
The "Freeport Fish & Chips" was sooo delish! *handflip*

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen this picture up earlier today!


I went to the Coffee By Design in the lower level of the L.L. Bean store, but they also have one in Portland!
You can never go wrong with an iced decaf mocha w/ whip!

"Much charming. Such rustic"

Licorice heaven!!! #stacksonstacks jk bags on bags.

These chocolate moose are so charming!

Aren't these chocolates just the cutest?! So so precious!

Move aside, Reese's… there's a new peanut butter cup in town (with less preservatives, omg)!

{no caption; this photo speaks for itself~~~}

Three socks that won my heart over - specifically the hot pink "Sassy" socks! Ugh, need!

Too funny!!!

The last one….omg, I literally laughed out loud in the store!!!
Have you ever visited Freeport!? Check back tomorrow to hear about Portland!
xoxo, Brooke

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