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Monday, April 27, 2015

My End-of-the-School-Year Plan of Action


This is my third year in college, so I know how unfortunate the stress of the last two weeks of classes can be for a lady! *slaps palm to forehead* At my college, classes are four credits unlike most colleges, which have three-credit classes, so most students here take four classes instead of five. I have a 25-page paper (………….oh my lanta!), a 5-6 page paper, a 5-10 page paper, and an 11-page paper due all sometime within the next three weeks. Some of my professors decided to make our final papers due before the official "Finals Week", which was pretty considerate of them<33! However… this means one thing: it's crunch time.

~~currently a hawt mess contemplating the meaning of life in the library~~ shout-out to the awkward lighting!
Jk, my skin totesmygoats always glows translucently like this. Like, #Maybeitsmaybelline.
My game plan is to finish all reading assignments for the rest of the year within the next two days (hey, I'm an English major - over time, you become an incredibly fast reader) and then starting Wednesday, I will begin to write all of the papers so with the books already completed, I'll be well-informed about what I'll be writing about! I do have one written assignment (an online reading analysis post which is pretty time-intensive) due for tomorrow by 4:00pm, though, that I'll have to do -most likely this evening to get that done-, but for all of the other written work? Wednesday, it is!

I've never actually set up my working schedule like this before, but it seems pretty promising. I'm excited to have that incredible feeling of satisfaction as I chip away at all the work! My blog posting might get a little M.I.A. at times within the next few weeks, but ya know, a lady's gotta get down to business sometimes!!

How are you going to manage your work schedule? What's your end-of-the-school-year plan of action? Let me know! <3
xoxo, Brooke

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