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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Perfect Headbands for Spring

Now, before you roll your eyes with the utmost sass and make a comment comparing me to the beloved yet infamous Blair Waldorf a lá Gossip Girl, let me stand up for Blair by saying that she knew what was up when it comes to fashion! Although I literally have a lion's mane my hair is uber thick and wavy/curly so I prefer to let it flow au natural, I'm certainly not opposed to dressing up my look with a pretty & polished headband every once in a while! While most people consider headbands to be preppy (my personal fave!! *hand flip* ), there is certainly a headband for any style this Spring, no matter what yours is... even if you claim that your style is undefinable!

Check out these 5 perfect headbands for Spring:

For the preppy princess //
(via Douglas Paquette, $9.95)
Embrace your love for all things nautical with this sailor-inspired grosgrain ribbon band.

For the gym-goer //
(via Under Armour, $7.99)
Sweating up a storm is a great excuse to look cute, am I right, friends!?

For the working woman //
(via CARAVAN by Amazon, $6.69)
Try a sleek, thin band to keep your pretty locks out of your face so you can kick some butt in the office!

For the total trendsetter //
(via Eugenia Kim by Nordstrom, $40.00)
Dare to be bold with this fun, tropical print.

For the bohemian beauty //
(via Forever21, $4.90)
Add some flower power to your look to show your appreciation for all of the beauty that can easily be found in nature!

Which one of these is your favorite?! Are there any that you'd definitely want to try? Let me know in the comments below!
xoxo, Brooke


  1. I love the braided one and the orange one!! I have actually been wanting a headband like the orange one!!

    1. Confession: I actually have the braided one, but in pink/purple/orange!! Ahhh, I know - the style of that orange one has been on my wish list for such a long time! <3