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Monday, April 27, 2015

My End-of-the-School-Year Plan of Action


This is my third year in college, so I know how unfortunate the stress of the last two weeks of classes can be for a lady! *slaps palm to forehead* At my college, classes are four credits unlike most colleges, which have three-credit classes, so most students here take four classes instead of five. I have a 25-page paper (………….oh my lanta!), a 5-6 page paper, a 5-10 page paper, and an 11-page paper due all sometime within the next three weeks. Some of my professors decided to make our final papers due before the official "Finals Week", which was pretty considerate of them<33! However… this means one thing: it's crunch time.

~~currently a hawt mess contemplating the meaning of life in the library~~ shout-out to the awkward lighting!
Jk, my skin totesmygoats always glows translucently like this. Like, #Maybeitsmaybelline.
My game plan is to finish all reading assignments for the rest of the year within the next two days (hey, I'm an English major - over time, you become an incredibly fast reader) and then starting Wednesday, I will begin to write all of the papers so with the books already completed, I'll be well-informed about what I'll be writing about! I do have one written assignment (an online reading analysis post which is pretty time-intensive) due for tomorrow by 4:00pm, though, that I'll have to do -most likely this evening to get that done-, but for all of the other written work? Wednesday, it is!

I've never actually set up my working schedule like this before, but it seems pretty promising. I'm excited to have that incredible feeling of satisfaction as I chip away at all the work! My blog posting might get a little M.I.A. at times within the next few weeks, but ya know, a lady's gotta get down to business sometimes!!

How are you going to manage your work schedule? What's your end-of-the-school-year plan of action? Let me know! <3
xoxo, Brooke

Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Maine Adventure! - Part 2

I'm back in the good ol' motherland of Connecticut!! I'm missing Maine already, wahhh! <3

Freeport still has a little snow!?! Oh hey there, APRIL 25TH LOLZ, didn't see ya there...

Stopped into the James Place Inn, and made some wonderful new friends!
(they' re in the kitchen/not in this picture; they gave me delicious just-baked peanut butter & toffee cookies!)

The James Place Inn ~ part 2
The owners are honestly some of the kindest people I have ever met!

The James Place Inn ~ Part 3

I loved these whoopee pies!! My personal fave? The "Chocolate Lover's" flavor <333

Such an amazing salad for lunch at Linda Bean's Maine Kitchen & Topside Tavern.

The lovely Build-Your-Own-Donut station at Frosty's! *saaa-woooon* I ordered a Chocolate Maple donut.

Such wise, wise words.

The Portland Museum of Art was absolutely amazing!

The "tromp l'oeil" style of painting that tricks the human eye to appear in 3-D!

Love those apples!

The colors in this piece were really vivid in person!

Portland knows what's up!<3


Perhaps the best license plate I saw in Portland...
Can't wait to head back in May for my internship at L.L. Bean! Will you be in Maine this summer!?xoxo, Brooke

Friday, April 24, 2015

My Maine Adventure! - Part 1

As those of you who are my friends on Facebook already know, this summer I will be a Copywriting Intern at L.L. Bean!!!!! I spent all day today in Freeport, and will be visiting Portland tomorrow.

Being from Southeastern CT, I'd say that Freeport is like a mix between the town of Mystic, CT and the Clinton Crossings Premium Outlet Mall in Clinton, CT - except everyone is much friendlier and laid-back here in Freeport! I cannot tell a lie: today I wore those knit camp socks (that people usually wear with snow boots or something) with running shoes and not one person raised an eyebrow at my fashion faux pas…  #blessed.

Here are some pictures from my Maine adventure! - Part 1 :

Best part of the hotel room? The mini-fridge for storing leftovers from restaurant excursions <3333

Speaking of restaurant excursions, I highly recommend going to Azure for lunch!
The "Freeport Fish & Chips" was sooo delish! *handflip*

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen this picture up earlier today!


I went to the Coffee By Design in the lower level of the L.L. Bean store, but they also have one in Portland!
You can never go wrong with an iced decaf mocha w/ whip!

"Much charming. Such rustic"

Licorice heaven!!! #stacksonstacks jk bags on bags.

These chocolate moose are so charming!

Aren't these chocolates just the cutest?! So so precious!

Move aside, Reese's… there's a new peanut butter cup in town (with less preservatives, omg)!

{no caption; this photo speaks for itself~~~}

Three socks that won my heart over - specifically the hot pink "Sassy" socks! Ugh, need!

Too funny!!!

The last one….omg, I literally laughed out loud in the store!!!
Have you ever visited Freeport!? Check back tomorrow to hear about Portland!
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

3 iPhone Apps For Productivity That You Will Love

I used to have so many apps on my old iPhone 4s that I needed to delete some apps in order to make room for new ones - oh the struggle! Trivia Crack or Snapchat, Trivia Crack….Snapchat…. *makes hand gestures as if literally weighing the two options*. Now that I've upgraded to the iPhone 6 Plus with 64G of memory, there is a ton of more room for apps! Here are 3 iPhone Apps for productivity that you will love:

1. Evernote
Perfect for everything for taking electronic notes in college classes, to making grocery shopping lists for the working-mama-on-the-go, to making a checklist for high school Prom necessities. The possibilities are honestly endless! Personally, I use it to keep track of any long-term goals I might have (including for this blog *wiggles eyebrows excitedly*!!!!!)

2. Wunderlist
THIS. APP. IS. AMAZING! It's basically a virtual to-do list with little check-off boxes. You can make lists (and even share them with other people!) for chores, work assignments, places you want to visit while on vacation - anything.

3. Pomodoro Timer
Okay, so I don't actually have this one, but it's certain on my list! I usually refuse to pay for apps because there are so many incredible free ones, but I have heard amazing things about the "Pomodoro Technique" for time management, so it might just be worth the $1.99… ahaha!

What are your favorite iPhone apps for staying on top of things that you need to get done?
xoxo, Brooke

Monday, April 20, 2015

Clothing Organization: Closets & All!

Sorry for the mixup, everybody! Those horrible migraine headaches came back so I'm a day behind on this posting schedule but alas~~ here we go, anyway!

Clothing organization… sounds like a helluva mountain to tackle, am I right!? Well, it definitely doesn't have to be! My favorite thing about de-cluttering your physical space is how it also simultaneously declutters your heart, emotionally. Here are some super-easy steps to having ultimate organization of your clothes… and, therefore, your life!


1// Need, Want, Give - these are your three magic words for cleaning day! Make a pile for the clothes that you will -honestly- wear quite regularly ("Need"), the clothes that you still love and have sentimental value that were given to you by (an) ex-boyfriend(s) and it hurts to much to look at them but there's no way you're about to give any of them away that you don't actually plan on wearing again anytime soon but want to store away in storage bins in your closet ("Want"), and clothes that no longer fit so you'd be willing to donate them ("Give").

2// Be Sure to Sort - In your drawers, sort all shirts into one draw, all bottoms into another, etc. This might sound like common sense, but you'd be surprised at how often when I'm in a rush, I kind of just throw clean laundry into any drawer as long as there's room in it *hides guilty face*!

3// Accessories Matter, Too! - Don't neglect to take proper care of your accessories! This includes everything from your beloved designer purses to your precious charm bracelets to your super-cute sandals. Many stores like Home Goods or Bed, Bath, & Beyond offer hangers for belts and scarves, and shoe racks can be found there, too. Pottery Barn Teen and Michael's (the hobby/crafting store) both tend to have great jewelry display holders and boxes. Also, be sure to check your local Walmart or Target for some great deals!

4// And lastly... It's All About Your Mindset - Rather than dreading cleaning (which I used to!), it's a great way to feel like you're getting your life together. There's this great quote that goes, "You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one." I've recently been getting over a heartbreak (one that's too painful to even blog about to you guys, basically the first guy I've ever really loved reached out to me and it appears kind of making it seem like he wanted to get back together on purpose and then pull back so I would know how he felt when I ended our relationship last year because he was getting pretty emotionally abusive and threw things when he got angry so props to me for ending that as heartbreaking as it was to do so~ , that's how bad it is, and my head and heart are all twisted because it seems like everywhere I go holds so many memories that we shared together) so physically cleaning up old clothes, storing away old memories (both the heartbreakingly beautiful and bad) in bins, and keeping your living space organized helps to make a lady -begin- to feel ready for the next chapter in her life, even if it feels like your whole life has turned into a complete hot mess. A clean closet creates the perfect conditions for a clear mind/heart - trust me on this one! - leaving you feeling empowered and in control of a beautiful, happy future to come. We have a lot to gain when we declutter our lives, really!

What are your best organizational tips, whether for decluttering closets or decluttering your heart & mind!?
xoxo, Brooke

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Lilly Pulitzer X Target Experience!

After waking up at the ungodly hour of 6:18AM to grab breakfast with my mom (veggie omelets and home fries and buttered toast and blueberry pancakes makes everything better, am I right!?) before heading over to Target for one of the most anticipated shopping events of the season, I was feeling motivated to get some serious shopping done. Yes, naturally, the quality of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line is a lot cheaper than your normal Lilly Pulitzer but still - so. frickin'. CUTE!!!

Everybody rushed in exactly at 8:00am (the line was trailing around the side of the back of the building, just FYI), and then the scene turned... horrific. One lady literally ran up to the display of Lilly tote bags and like some mama grizzly bear essentially mauled the display with her arm, knocking all four bags (!!!!) into her shopping cart. When I finally got up to the clothing section of the display, only one XXL bathing suit bottom was left. Literally. It was the only thing on the rack!

When I met up with my mom again, we put together all of our loot that we actually were able to grab:


What about you!? Did you grab anything good before it was all gone??
xoxo, Brooke

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cutest Sneakers for Spring 2015

Typically, when we think Spring, we think sandals and flip flops... but no need to ditch your sneaks just yet! Here are three of the cutest sneakers for Spring 2015:

1. Ked's Champion Printed Oxford Sneakers ($50.00, Macy's)
*via ; Pineapple prints are so much fun!

2. Superga "2750 CROCHET W" ($95.00, Superga)
*via ; Crochet looks uber-cute with denim anything! Try it with a swingy little chambray dress!

3. Converse All Star Washed Canvas Low Top ($60.00, Converse)
*via ; These are absolutely perfect for grabbing groceries, walking your dog, or frolicking in a nearby park!

I cannot get over the cuteness! Which of these sneakers is your favorite pair!?
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Fashion in Film

Sometimes I get the best fashion inspiration from Cher in the movie Clueless watching movies, a true luxury that I rarely ever have time to participate in. But when I do…..!!!!! Fashion genius and inspiration are in abundance.

As you guys all saw in my Monday post, I was already planning on writing this post…. but I Googled this topic earlier tonight and literally, 6 hours ago, wrote basically the exact same post I was going to write! How uncanny... what a coincidence, am I right!? Click here to read Glamour's article.

Personally, here are a few others that I would add to the list! :

 500 Days of Summer //
When Summer is riding her bicycle, it always symbolizes the epitome of  sunshine and warm weather to me!

Mean Girls // 
When Cady Heron gets her crown at the Spring Fling dance while wearing her Varsity Mathletes jacket, we learned that "the limit does not exist" when it comes to being funky with your fashion. You can pull off any look as long as you personally feel great about you who are in it.


The Notebook // Warmer weather fashion today seems to be centered around showing as much skin as one can possibly get away with… but for me? I don't want everybody seeing all of my skin - ya gotta work for that! HAHA! Jokes jokes (but actually kind of serious though!). While everybody has the right to express themselves, I personally prefer not to show -everything- off because I find that there's something so mysterious and alluring about being a little bit modest! I find 1940's and '50's fashion trends really appealing.

Which movies do you find fashion inspiration from?
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

5 Perfect Headbands for Spring

Now, before you roll your eyes with the utmost sass and make a comment comparing me to the beloved yet infamous Blair Waldorf a lรก Gossip Girl, let me stand up for Blair by saying that she knew what was up when it comes to fashion! Although I literally have a lion's mane my hair is uber thick and wavy/curly so I prefer to let it flow au natural, I'm certainly not opposed to dressing up my look with a pretty & polished headband every once in a while! While most people consider headbands to be preppy (my personal fave!! *hand flip* ), there is certainly a headband for any style this Spring, no matter what yours is... even if you claim that your style is undefinable!

Check out these 5 perfect headbands for Spring:

For the preppy princess //
(via Douglas Paquette, $9.95)
Embrace your love for all things nautical with this sailor-inspired grosgrain ribbon band.

For the gym-goer //
(via Under Armour, $7.99)
Sweating up a storm is a great excuse to look cute, am I right, friends!?

For the working woman //
(via CARAVAN by Amazon, $6.69)
Try a sleek, thin band to keep your pretty locks out of your face so you can kick some butt in the office!

For the total trendsetter //
(via Eugenia Kim by Nordstrom, $40.00)
Dare to be bold with this fun, tropical print.

For the bohemian beauty //
(via Forever21, $4.90)
Add some flower power to your look to show your appreciation for all of the beauty that can easily be found in nature!

Which one of these is your favorite?! Are there any that you'd definitely want to try? Let me know in the comments below!
xoxo, Brooke