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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Magic of Your Email Inbox

Today was one of those days. I'm usually a very bubbly, *happydancing* kind of person, but the weight of everything that's been going on in my life recently just kind of hit me today… when you wake up and immediately begin to cry, you know you've got to make some major changes in your life. My apologies to my neighbors if I woke ya up! -___- #oops!

A lot of the issue is that I just don't know many like-minded people right now, and those that I do know who I have things in common with either don't go to my college or are transferring away (ugh, noooo! </3333). I really do not enjoy going to bars or getting very very drunk (which it is still important to note that this is different than just going to a bar and drinking responsibly) or smoking things… I was having a great conversation with a friend of mine tonight at dinner, and he agreed with me that the best type of "party" would be like those birthday parties we all went to when we were in elementary school… ohhhh yeah, I'm talkin' pizza, ice cream, cake, and laser tag! *wiggles eyebrows* Now that's my kind of a party! Actually, add in a game of Scrabble or Boggle, and I'd truly be in my element. I think being on a college campus adds some of the social pressure to drink, but honestly I think it's just the age, in general.

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A few gentlemen recently have asked me to get drinks with them in the relatively near future… granted they're all like 22-26 (I'm an "old soul", I've been told, and my 21-year-old self always gets along better with guys who are older than me), but "getting drinks" is still just not my thing. It's odd because you might expect an answer back saying that they respect my personal decision, but I kept getting "oh well that's too bad you don't drink because I love it" as a response. But my question is why is alcohol so ingrained into our culture? Like, PSA to all gentlemen: why can't I get just get a chocolate milkshake with you and call it a day!? I do not believe that alcohol or drinking is like, some epitome of evil, as at the Cheesecake Factory I always get a decaf coffee with some Bailey's in it (as a tradition because that was the first drink I had on my 21st birthday, and at that restaurant!) and I'm definitely not going to hate on people who do enjoy drinking regularly, but I do know for certain that it will never be a hobby of mine and wish that I knew more people who also do not consider it a hobby. But I digress ~~

I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but there's this website called MindBodyGreen, which features the most inspirational and amazing list/advice articles. Somebody up there must have been watching over me, because much like fate, I got an email with a link to an article called "5 Things To Remember When You're Struggling Emotionally"… YOU GUYS. It. Was. So. Good.
My absolute favorite bullet point is #4. Sometimes in society, we're encouraged to ignore our emotions. For me, pretending I'm not feeling a certain way just makes me uncomfortable and anxious! Fully allowing yourself to feel is incredibly freeing because you're simultaneously admitting to yourself that you are human and alive and this is an infinitely beautiful thing. The good thing about emotions, though, is that just as quickly as they can wash over you and consume you, they will also wash away and you can be consumed by better feelings in the future. The bullet point mentioned the importance of being present in the actual moment, rather than letting your imposing thoughts demand your full attention.

Sooo the moral of the day is: always trust the magic of your email inbox; you never know what hidden gem of inspiration you might find!

Here is a link to the article… tell me what you think!
xoxo, Brooke


  1. I'm not a drinker and I have no problems with others drinking around me (I just never learned to like the taste of alcohol, so I never felt compelled to drink it!). Most people I've encountered don't care that I don't drink. My ex-boyfriend was really into craft beers and I think he would've enjoyed it if I had also shared that interest, but it never really bothered him. In fact, once he learned he would always have a designated driver I think he quite liked that I didn't drink! But, I know what you's so ingrained that if you don't feel like participating, you feel a little on the outside! Good for you for sticking with your guns, though! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement!! :) It's really very comforting to know that there are people out there who respect my decisions, like I do! <3 (PS - That is too funny about the designated driver thing!)

  2. I totally understand the feeling of not connecting and being surrounded by like minded people. Most of my friends I've known for at least 3 years going on up to 13 years. I've just grown and changed and so have they and that just happens.
    Interestingly enough I have not felt pressured to drink because it is the norm for my age. Most of my friends and I hit our party stage early and got it out of our systems I think haha.
    If a guy is interested enough he will just want to hang out with you in general. They sound lame. A milkshake totally sounds better!


    1. "If a guy is interested enough he will just want to hang out with you in general. They sound lame. A milkshake totally sounds better!" … you literally made my night, hahaha!! <3 That's interesting about what you say about growing and changing overtime. I definitely thought about your insightful comment, and I've come to the conclusion that I think a lot of people are feeling this way, too, not just you and I! While change is inevitable, it can be good!