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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Something Meaty

As gross as the title of this post may sound, it's true! I feel like so many people spend their spring break  by filling it up with fluff, with nights and people they won't (or probably wish they couldn't) remember. Personally, I definitely do have a lot of assignments for my college classes to complete over my break, but besides those, I want to do some learning, just about life in general, of my own. I want my break to be something of substance…. something meaty. Hahaha!

#tbt to Spring Break of 2013 when I went to Palm Beach!

For now, my plans are as follows: I'm heading into NYC with my mama bear for two days, where I'll also take some time to meet up one-on-one with a few old friends I haven't seen either in (literally) years or months, which will be amazing to have reunions with! It'll be interesting to see how things change after all the time that has passed by.

I'm also planning on learning skills that I should probably know how to do, considering I'm 21, laundry being at the top of my list…..hahah! Also included on this hypothetical list: how to use a vacuum, how to make my own salad dressing, how to cook fish (mmm, salmon) because I'm a pescatarian, which is a vegetarian that also happens to eat fish & eggs, and how to emotionally prepare myself to donate a whole bunch of old clothes back from the 7th grade to Goodwill - just because they fit doesn't mean that they're necessarily good for me to wear anymore! I definitely want to refine my wardrobe to become entirely "classy young woman" rather than have elements of "preteen at the movie theater"in it, you know!?

Another thing that I want to do is really nourish myself - mind body and soul. For mind, I hope to read a lot for fun, continue learning some basic coding, and do a few units in my GRE Vocabulary workbook. For body, I'm going to get my ears repierced (my holes closed up in my freshman year of colleges after not wearing my earrings for only one day, can you believe it!?), do my hair so that it's gold with brown lowlights instead of how it is right now brown with gold highlights, and go to the gym  almost daily. For soul, I'm going to make sure to write a lot of poetry, spend time with people who truly make me feel happy and appreciated, and take a time-out whenever I need to just lay in my bed and stare up at the ceiling to clear my thoughts!

What are your plans for Spring Break? Are you doing "something meaty"? Or just the fluff-stuff?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. I am headed to Florida! I think I will just be looking at colleges so just the fluff-stuff.

    1. Haha, hey!! Florida is my favorite state so I think you are very lucky! :p
      Enjoy! xoxo