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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Setting Boundaries

Note: This is a personal rant.

Today I'm feeling rather cranky (which comes with the territory of womanhood during the magical time of #ladycramps , I suppose!) and today I'm just not feelin'  it. One of the hardest things for me to do is set boundaries with people. I'm a people pleaser so I've been known to take on more tasks than any human being could possibly handle. Not only with school/extra-cirricular tasks, but also with people. I always do people favors when I honestly should be saying no, simply because I wouldn't want to hurt anybody - but the truth is we hurt ourselves by doing this. For hypothetical example when you tell a person that you're really busy and will get back to them later and you check your phone to see like, 7 text messages from them still maintaining a conversation even when you said you'd get back to them later - how do you respond to that!? You feel like a horrible person even though you left the majority of your spring break homework for the last few days of break and are trying to plow through it all while hating yourself for not doing it all earlier but you were too burnt out (from being a workaholic during the school year) to do it earlier, and even though you're still feeling burnt out, you have to push yourself  now to do it anyway because the burnt out feeling never healed yet. So, on top of the work, you have all of this guilt! Ahhh! Setting boundaries is clearly something I'm still working on learning, and honestly, I hope I figure it out sooner rather than later…

xoxo, Brooke

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