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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pushing Through

Right now, the main thing on my mind is that I've got a six-page paper due on Thursday at noon!! Because I've been so sick (I got MUCH sicker late last night unfortunately), I haven't gotten a chance to move on past the outline stage just yet. Although I've been known to bang out a successfully-executed 8-pager in one day, I abhor the feeling of pressure so I'm not about to do that! This feeling of pushing through, the need to continue on through the next day and a half with my work (and then it's two weeks of spring break, YAY!) really resonates with so many other types of pushing through - really any hard time for any person is so similar. You've just got to get over the "hump" (Oh, camel puns…..… oh my gosh this is what college does to you! It makes you fall in love with your mascot!) and then you'll be fine!

This quote from Robert Frost, one of the most beloved poets in my heart, really says it best:
Whatever it is that you want to overcome, just put your mind to it… and you will! Just remember: you are always stronger than you think.

What are you going to overcome this week?
xoxo, Brooke

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