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Sunday, March 1, 2015

"I'm Fine, How Are You?"

Suuuuper long post today. TL;DR? Okay fine, but you'll be missin' out! :3

When he-who-no-longer-deserves-to-have-his-name-mentioned and I went on our first date, we took a point to check our iPhones (so I could text my mom back and for him to see his Navy duty schedule for the upcoming week). "I got 4 comments on my blog post from yesterday!" I exclaimed. "Oh, wow, FOUR blog posts?? " he replied in a really rude tone, rolling his eyes.

Let me tell you, friends - sarcasm can be alright, but it's never harmless when it's directed at another person. Sometimes I type like this: "I ate twice my weight in chocolate chip cookies a socially unacceptable amount of dessert." See, that's sarcastic - but putting somebody down when they're really excited about something, even in a slightly joking way, and deflating that bubble of lit-up enthusiasm in their eyes? No. Sarcasm is not okay or cute at all in that way. Let's not cut other people down and say that we were "just joking around", yeah? Let's support each other in all of our goals, dreams, and passions - and let's support those who still have no clue what they're passionate about and those who can't seem to come up with any goals or clear visions for dreams just yet.

[You see, I don't write this blog just for myself - if I wanted to write for myself, well, that's what journals are for! But I write this blog because I want to reach people. I want you to know that you're never alone, and that maybe you can relate to my experiences (or if not, maybe learn something from them so you won't have to the hard way like I did!). I want to be able to put a smile on your face if we have similar interests or identical tastes in fashion or music or literature or food<3 … or if not, that maybe I can spark your interest to try something new and see why I am totally into whatever thing it is that I'm recommending to you! Something I've noticed is that when people see each other and ask each other in passing how they are, they always seem to say "I'm fine, how are you?" or "Good, you?" when this isn't always the case. Although it can be hard to "be real" for some people because they don't want to seem too vulnerable, think about this: being vulnerable is the strongest and bravest thing a person can be. I think I've written this in a previous post, but it is an amazing thing to open yourself to getting hurt, all in the pursuit of achieving something greater. This blog will never pull the "I'm fine, how are you?" trick. Honesty and vulnerability are two of my strongest beliefs, and you can rest assured that I'd never skip the real stuff, like so many blogs unfortunately tend to do.]

If you haven't gathered this yet, being single is not something I enjoy. At all. But, on the other hand, I also will not be in a relationship with somebody just for the sake of being in a relationship.  I truly need to be interested in the person, or believe that there could be some potential there. Right now, when I'm really missing all of the cuddling and hand-holding and hugs, I'm definitely feeling the loss. Some people are afraid to be loved and find all that stuff to be "smothering", but I think it's safe to say that most people crave all of that kind of stuff! I mean, honestly, it's one of the greatest feelings in the world to cuddle up with somebody special under a warm blanket and just have a deep talk about life.

Although at first I thought that I no longer have one particular person that I can do really thoughtful things for and do little surprises to show them how much they mean to me - I realized that I still do! We all do, actually. We all have ourselves to love. One of the best ways to show ourselves some love is by nurturing ourselves into becoming the most happy, interesting, enlightened, intelligent, and kind people we can be!

Here is my list of things I'm going to try/learn, now that I can give all the love I had that was totally rejected (can you sense my pain right now or… hahaha! *sigh*) to somebody that I know will love to receive it: myself.

1. Work on those beauty tutorial videos for this blog that I promised I would (I made the announcement for these way back in January, so don't you worry - they're in the process!)
2. Get more familiar with computer coding (I've never gotten around to Python!)
3. Look at inspirational and motivational quotes on Pinterest - don't underestimate - it is honestly really helpful in times of need.
4. Go to more campus events with friends, whether during the week (homework, though…) or on weekends.
5. Actually give myself a weekly manicure… chipped nail polish will be the death of me, lol!
6. Get my room totally organized. Here's lookin' at you, clothing-covered floor ;).
7. Start eating healthier… no more fries and ice cream for dinner! Blech.
8. Have a kinder inner voice. Remind myself that I am still lovable and the "soul mate" letters I mentioned in a previous post are not going to waste. Remind myself that I have a lot of rewarding qualities that are just what another person will be looking for. Remind myself that even though I am definitely good enough for myself (#selflove is so important! Having self-confidence doesn't make you conceited at all unless you take it to a rude, extreme, gross level), I will also definitely be good enough for a special someone, too.
9. I used to do this thing where I would write out a famous quote that described how I was feeling at the moment and then draw a design around it. They all came out really cool, and I'd love to get back into doing this!
10. Actually go to bed every night at 11:30 and wake up at 8:30… but actually though, and not just tell myself I will because it never happens ;) lol!

What new thing or skill do you want to try to show yourself that you love yourself?
xoxo, Brooke

PS- As a side note about the earlier part of my post, each comment I get on a blog post from you, or Facebook inbox message or email (SO sorry to the several people who emailed me this past week that I haven't replied to yet… as you can tell I've kind of been drowning a bit lately, but I'm definitely getting back to you and it means SO so incredibly much to me to hear your thoughts and compliments and to know that my blog has touched your life in some way) is incredibly special to me. But most importantly, I want you to know that you can always have a friend in me, even on those not-so-fun days when you just want to hide under the covers all day, ya know!? Never be afraid to reach out :) <3


  1. Great post, Brooke! I totally agree! As bloggers, we don't write for ourselves but to help others!

    1. Definitely!! I'm glad you feel the same way!! :)