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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Great Deal on Krass & Co. Shorts!

My friend Meghan is a brand representative for Krass & Co., a clothing brand that I am personally a fan of, so we thought we should share it with all of you!
*via. I personally adore the "Bows Before Bros" print.

Meghan says: "The Krass & Co shorts company was founded by Pierson Krass and his friends in the year of 2011, while he was attending Lehigh University. The inspiration for the company was to create a functional, stylish pair of athletic shorts which one could wear around campus without appearing as a slob or not well dressed! 

Vineyard Vines, and other nautical prints such as lobsters, sail boats, seashells, and seashores were the inspiration for the shorts. A big fan favorite for customers are the Sailor's Delight, Sam's Shorts (America), and of course for guy's the Classic lobster! 

This company was founded by young college men, and designed for athletics such as lacrosse in mind. It was not just built for girls in mind but guys, as well. They have such a wide range of shorts for both genders and are branching out to carrying the sorority and fraternity prints, too! In addition, to limited edition shorts that represent the company Country Club prep as well as the state school's logos for athletics!

The shorts are absolutely amazing, so soft and great to wear to class or workout in! The shorts are the perfect combination of stylish and functional! A great way to mix up your wardrobe for a guy or girl!!! 

Here is the link for the company! 

And here is the link for my 15% off referral code!!! Please share with friends! 

^^ You heard her, everybody! Time to get shopping.

Which pair of Krass & Co. shorts are your favorite!?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Bows Before Bros is brilliant! And so cute, too! When it gets warmer, I'll definitely get into getting a pair or two! I don't know much about Krass and Co but I'm about to stalk their website! Thanks for the link, Brooke!

    1. I know, they are so so adorable!! Definitely check out their website - it's great! <3