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Friday, March 13, 2015

Finding Your Happy Place

It's something we've all been told: "Find your happy place." For me, whether it's a trip to the dentist or right before taking a huge exam, I sure could use a "happy place" to escape to! Today I definitely found mine: the Barnes&Noble over in WeHa, which I spent some time in this afternoon, along with some other fun stores there like TRADER JOE'S <33333333333 !!!

West Hartford is such a great town that has an incredibly "city-ish", chic-urban feel! I could definitely see myself living there in a few years, like after graduate school when I'm just starting out.

Successful shopping at B&N!
(Mansfield Park is for Spring Break homework reading, but it sounds really interesting!)
How can you discover your happy place, you say!? Well, start out thinking: if I didn't have to attend to school/work/internship/family duties/etc., what would I spend today doing? Where would I go if I had enough money to travel anywhere? Don't judge yourself on where your thoughts lead you: it might be a playground that you went to as a little kid, or it might be some idealized dream of a tropical island or super city you've never even been to… and these are totally okay! 

I'll be the first to admit that I can be really idealistic, particularly when it comes to seeing only the good in people. Well… either that or getting annoyed by something they do that truly is hurting/wounded me, but yet I don't want to admit myself that they're actually pretty big issues and not just minor annoyances, as I always tend to tell myself so that the sting isn't as great. Buuuuuut, when it comes to a happy place, being idealistic isn't necessarily a dangerous thing - as long as your happy place isn't a person (depending on another person to create all of your happiness for you = oh no!), there aren't any limits! Finding your happy place is really so easy, and so important for your mental health… we all need a place to "go" when the times get rough!

Although I love all bookstores, I usually either get them on Amazon, on my Kindle, or sometimes at the local Books-A-Million… but Barnes & Noble is my favorite, as I grew up going there all the time as a youngin'! :p It was amazing to go there today… I swear, I could literally spend all day in there just reading back covers of books and browsing magazines and sipping lattes from the Starbucks in there!

Where's your personal "happy place"?
xoxo, Brooke

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