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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top 5 Favorite Pizza Places in Southeastern CT

Pizza is hands-down my favorite food besides basically every other food in existence all things chocolate and/or made of guacamole. *casually chomps down on a slice of cold pizza from my mini-frigde as I type this blog post*.

 If you're ever going to be in the Mystic/Southeastern CT region (or like me you live around here!),  here are my top 5 favorite pizza places in Southeastern CT:

1. Empire Pizza // New London, CT

This is SO GOOD. It reminds me of the kind of pizza they used to serve at everyone's birthday parties when we were all just tiny kids! Ahh, memories… *sigh*

2. Captain's Pizza // New London, CT

Maybe I'm a bit biased with this one… but! My freshman year during Orientation Week we had mandatory community service for bonding purposes, as well as to get familiar with our relative location, so my task was to help paint the side of the building blue. Every time I eat here or walk by it, I get a homey feeling of warmth. Also, a really awesome janitor from my high school days who was always so respectful and called me "Miss" all the time has a side-job here, so it's always great to see him again!

3. Angie's Pizza // Mystic, CT

To be totally honest with you, I ate this when I had the flu, so maybe I'm not entirely sure what it's like, but what I will say is that it was the only thing that actually still tasted somewhat edible, and for that, it's made this list!

4. Illiano's Real Italian Pizza // East Lyme, CT

Out of all of the Illiano's restaurants in the area, this one is certainly the most "restaurant-y". If you've got a date, this is a good place to go if you're not looking for anything too fancy, but you're not exactly looking for Smash Burger, either. *wiggles eyebrows saucily*

5. 2Wives Brick Oven Pizza // New London, CT

I always get a personal-sized brick oven pizza with a side Caesar salad <333. You literally cannot go wrong!

As you can see, New London has really some great pizza! Where is your favorite pizza place?
xoxo, Brooke

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