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Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 6 - The 14 Days of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about loving other people, right? Well, let's back-track for a second here. There's no healthy way to truly love another person before we first love ourselves! I know at first this may sound debatable, but think of it like the rule about putting your own oxygen mask on first on an airplane before helping anyone else out in an emergency…

We're told every reason in the world why we shouldn't love ourselves. We're too fat. We're too skinny. We have really pale skin. We have really dark skin. We have a "phat" butt. We have a fat butt. It seems like nowadays, we will never be good enough. But who is anyone, at all, to judge what is "good enough"? "Good enough" is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin, loving every curve (or lack thereof) on your body, and more importantly, loving what's inside - your curious mind, your beautiful soul (Jesse McCartney knew what was up when he was singing this song!), your generous heart.

Not sure how to begin showing yourself a little TLC? Try these 14 easy, simple changes to make this month to spread the feelings of love - to yourself!

1) Use body lotion // Treat your body like it's something luxurious that deserves to be pampered and you will feel better instantly! Insta-Princess, in a bottle ;).

2) Surround yourself only with people who make you feel proud of who you are // #Seeyanever negative nancy's, critical caitlyn's, and selfish samantha's!

3) Learn a new skill, whether for fun or something marketable for a career // Will you pick cake decorating or computer programming!? The choice is yours.

4) Make 30 minutes of "me" time every night, no matter how "busy" you are // You need to nourish your soul, woman! Meditate, read a novel (I HAVE SUGGESTIONS! PICK ME, PICK ME!), Netflix-it-up - anything that makes you relax and be happy.

5) Have a "splurge" day only once a week where you can eat your favorite foods // Being healthy is the most important way to show your body you love it! Fuel it up like a machine with the proper nutrients, and then have a "cheat" day where you can eat five two cookies.

6) Travel to a place you've always wanted // Sometimes the best way to change your opinion of yourself is to go to a brand-new place to create a brand-new you.

7) Give yourself a mani-pedi // The quintessential princess treatment!

8) Go on actual dates (no, just "hooking up" does not count!) // Let romantic interests treat you as a full package - mind, body, and soul - not just merely a sexual being.

9) Grow or build something // When you can directly see the correlation between effort and result, you will surely feel empowered and fulfilled. Try creating a garden or an investment portfolio.

10) Volunteer your time or your money // This one is the oddball of the group, but it still works - by acting selfless, you will realize that maybe the love you give to others is no different from the love you need to give yourself. It's a lesson on how to love, really!

11) Wear clothing that you actually feel good in // It doesn't matter if skinny jeans have been in style for the past decade - you do you, girl! If boot-cut is more your thing, then I say go for it.

12) Start every day listening to a "Go Me!" music playlist that you can create on Spotify // I speak from experience when I say that doing this can transform your entire outlook on life, haha!

13) Tell the truth // Start by being honest with yourself - maybe you have debt, or acne, or some other "flaw" that makes you feel "less than". Well here's a secret… we all have that one thing that makes us crumble when we are forced to face it. Let this knowledge empower you - you are never alone in anything that you go through. You can face it. We are all in this world together!

14) Try a workout video in your living room for yoga, pilates, or - gasp! - burlesque dancing // Getting in touch with your body in a judgement-free zone can unleash a sense of inner peace you never knew could be possible!

What is your favorite way to love yourself?
xoxo, Brooke

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