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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 10 - The 14 Days of Valentine's Day

So, there's been a post about why we should love ourselves, and especially how to celebrate with your sweetie, but there hasn't yet been a post on why we should love our families... All too often we can get swept away in our own busy lives, thus completely unintentionally ignoring or neglecting people who raised us !


Here are some cute ways to show your awesome fam just how much you appreciate them: (this V-Day, and beyond!)

A simple phone call once a week // Even if all you can fit in is a 15 minute call, it will make a world of difference catching up with everyone. The fact that you could literally be doing just about anything in that fifteen minute block of time yet you're voluntarily choosing to use it to make sure that your family is doing well is one of the kindest expressions of love. Giving your time is always a good idea.

Give a handwritten letter/card on holidays (esp. birthdays!!) // The fact that everything nowadays is technology-centered makes the "ancient" art of handwriting things all the more special. Get creative with it! Use ballpoint pens in their favorite colors, write about inside jokes and draw little pictures in the margins - trust me, they will feel so so special every time they receive one!

Surprise them with group activities // Whether it's playing frisbee at the local state park on a Saturday afternoon, or going out for ice cream (or froyo, my fave!) after dinner, having fun together as a group, especially in a public place, shows that you're proud to show off your love for them. It deeply saddens me when people act like they're embarrassed to be with family members! Why!?! Cherish your family, love your family, and enjoy every precious moment spent together.

Always say "I love you" // People aren't mind-readers. Although there is somewhat of a sense of moral obligation to love your family members, show them that this isn't the case with you. By telling "I love you" quite often, they will be reassured that you love them not because you have to but because you want to!

How do you show your family that you love them?
xoxo, Brooke

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  1. Yes! Thank you for these reminders! I often forget to do these small things (especially phone calls) with my family outside of my parents. Must get better at that!