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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day 1 - The 14 Days Of Valentine's Day

I am excited to announce that this is going to the first post in a series of 14 Valentine's Day-related posts, called "The 14 Days of Valentine's Day"!

Since I've gotten to college, I haven't exactly had the best of luck on Valentine's Day. My freshman year's V-Day was celebrated by ending things with the guy I was seeing at the time because we were just way too different (in that bad way) and then last year's V-Day was celebrated by being told by my EX boyfriend (emphasis on the ex, ugh) I couldn't eat french fries because he "knew I would already be eating the entire box of chocolates he bought me" so he "didn't want me to look fat".  
-________- ….uhhhhhmmmm…. yeah, #seeyanever !

Today, I spent the vast majority of my day with a special somebody! ~Disclaimer: When I asked Matt for permission to post this he said he "would be honored" :p ~ 

Matt is in the Navy, so I figured why not embrace his love of water-related things by going to the Mystic Aquarium! We also went to the Mystic diner and Olde Mistick Village, as well.

Field Notes: Casual sea lion freestylin' on the rock.

Field Notes: Penguins can be very social…
What a stud ;) !

d'awww :') !

Even the plush whales in the gift shop were in the pre-V-Day mood!

It's safe to say that today was an amazing time! I mean, it's pretty rare to find someone who can finish your sentences, but it's even more rare to find someone who says the exact same thing at the exact same time as you! *sigh* Great minds think alike… I'll spare you all the rest of the mushy stuff, but what I will say is that today can be summed up in one word: #swoon ! :p

Do you have any fun dates planned (whether with someone special, best friends, or treating yourself) for the month of February?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. What an awesome date idea! You guys look so cute together. I can't wait to hear about the rest of your 14 days of love!


    1. Aww, thank you so so much! :) Ahhh, yes!!! Definitely check back daily for more V-Day love! xo

  2. I am going to be unexpectedly working, but in a great location - Monterrey California, so my hubby is coming along and we are going to enjoy the times I am not working in a gorgeous setting.

    1. That is so lovely!! It's great that your husband is so supportive of your career, and that you have that open dialogue to make things work for the both of you - how inspirational! Enjoy California; not all of us are so lucky!! ;)

  3. My boyfriend took me and my littlest sister to the local aquarium on a date once and it was such a lovely time. I am so happy to have a guy that loves me and my family.

    1. AWW!!!! That is so adorable! It sounds like you had an amazing time, and you are very lucky to have such a caring, meaningful relationship! :)

  4. Is this the Aquarium in Mystic, CT I've always wanted to go!! Look like you found a keeper. You guys look so happy together.