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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Being Stressed

I'm pretty sure in the past I've written a post (or two!) about being stressed and how to overcome it, but sometimes - like right now- venting is the best way. Can I vent to you guys, then!? Hint - say yes!! ;) hahaha. I really am happy right now, which is a very good thing, of course, but with this happiness comes some consequences...

Just to emphasize, I AM STRESSEDDDDDD. I've been getting 6 hours of sleep on a GOOD night. I keep thinking of that infamous saying you can only have two of the following three at a time: sleep, good grades, a social life…Right now I have the last two of that list - praise the Lorddddd for foundation and concealer so I can cover my dark eye circles. Hey, a lady can only take hearing "Wow, Brooke, you look so tired" so many times in a row before she needs to take action!

#throwbackwednesdaylolzzzzzz to when I was super-stressed during finals week last Spring at 2:12am
I have to read half of Pride & Prejudice for tomorrow morning because I'm meeting with my professor about basically an hour-long presentation I have to give. I need to have "teaching goals"…. uhhh, I need to actually read the book before I can even create these goals to go over with him! Then, I have an exam for my Dante class on Monday, I have to give the Pride & Prejudice presentation on Tuesday for my night-class, and a paper for my Love & Sex in the Middle Ages class due for Wednesday! I then have a Skype interview for an internship I applied for this summer on Thursday. Oh, and did I happen to mention what time of the month it is? #passmetheAdvil -__________-

I definitely take my schoolwork seriously but this semester, my goal was to also develop and strengthen interpersonal relationships (as well as my relationship with myself). Right now, as for the relationship with myself thing, I don't have much "me-time" which is not ideal because this will definitely lead to burn-out, knowing myself and how much I can take before I need to lie in my bed and stare at the ceiling while nourishing my passionate love for my Spotify account. Also, not sure if any of you feel this way, but I've finally gotten comfortable with eating in the dining hall at my college by myself - don't even laugh, this was a huge accomplishment for me! It can feel very much like a high school cafeteria in there (it's rather cliquey!) but honestly, I've gotten to the point where I don't care if people judge me for being the only one at the table. Sometimes I just need to eat in peace and be alone with my thoughts, you know!?

As for the other relationships, I've made a new best friend and, also, Matt asked me to be his official girlfriend (on Valentine's Day!!<3) so  I feel like I'm definitely doing well on a social level, too. I feel terrible because when I feel like I'm being too social and not doing enough homework, I can get really panicky and somewhat cranky and Matt definitely saw that side of me this weekend - but he just held me in his arms when I needed some comforting and he was so understanding. I've literally won the lottery with this guy, friends. As I told him on the phone earlier this evening, he is my "golden doubloon" (aka my special treasure) haha! He even said that in the future, we can create some phone alarms and make a homework schedule for me for the weekend…. literally *swooning* from his kindness!

Honestly, do you guys have any tips at all for how to balance sleep, good grades and a social life!? Please tell me anything and everything you know!!

Thanks for listening to the rant ;) and hopefully for your advice!! You're all the best!
xoxo, Brooke

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  1. Great post! I was like that in college too. Always wanted to be alone in my thoughts. And you're right about the cliques. And congrats on your new relationship! I love seeing such positivity.