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Monday, February 23, 2015

5 Fashion Winners at the Oscars 2015

I'm baaa-aaaaack! It feels great to post again; my weekend mini-vacation was spent in Long Island visiting some of Matt's family.

Today's post is all about the fun fashion and couture that was worn at the Oscars *cue sassy hand-flip*. Let's face it - some of the dresses totally deserved an award of their own!

Here were my favorite looks for 5 fashion winners at the Oscars 2015:


1 // Rosamund Pike from "Gone Girl" was totally killin' it in red!


2 // Lupita Nyong'o custom dress of pearls was ~beyond~ stunning.


3 // Anna Faris's glittery gown was just the right amount of glam, steering clear of going over-the-top in that bad way!


4 // Chloe Moretz's floral getup was the perfect combination of sweet and sophisticated.


5 // Reese Witherspoon rocked the color-blocking look with clean-cut lines and simple fabric architecture.

What was your favorite look at the Oscars 2015?
xoxo, Brooke

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  1. These are all quite lovely! I love the current trend of being a bit dressier at the Oscars.