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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Your Perfect Red Lipstick

[Note: This piece was originally featured in my column on theLOOK and has been adapted from its original publication.]
Sometimes, you find yourself stressed out and other times you find yourself STRESSED. OUT.
The best fix for this is none other than a beauty pick-me-up.  Red lipstick is perhaps the most versatile of choices making it, without a doubt, the perfect candidate for a Must-Have Monday shout-out.  Iconic, sensual, edgy, classy, mysterious – the red lip can do all the talking for you, no actual speech needed.  Depending on the shade of your choosing, it can: change the entire vibe of your outfit,  induce that cute guy from lecture to stare at you for 0.98 seconds longer than usual and even add a smile that seems to imply he’d like to get to know you better (among other things…),  or make little children cry and shout in sheer terror, “CLOWN! CLOWN!”  Yes, friends - the shade matters. 
Read on to discover the perfect shade of red lipstick personalized for your skin tone!
Fair: Revlon, “Wine With Everything”
Underage? No problem! Wearing wine-colored lipstick is the next best thing to a glass of Cabernet.                      

Medium: Revlon, “Rich Girl Red”
Because we all deserve to be Lana Del Ray for a day. 

Olive: Smashbox, "Be Legendary - True Red"

The only thing more attention-demanding than how truly "red" this lipstick is, is how good you’ll look wearing it. The blue undertones will really make the color pop against your skin!

Deep: MAC, “Fixed on Drama”
 So deviously sultry. So incredibly right.  If looking this good should be illegal, then honey, you don’t want to abide by the law!

What's your favorite lipstick for your unique skin tone?
xoxo, Brooke

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