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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Why Age Doesn't Matter (Bonus: Photo Shoot - Playground Winter Wonderland)

Today I got lunch with Emma, one of my absolute best friends in the whole world! Emma is a senior in high school while I'm a junior in college - but this fact is no detriment to our friendship.

We talk literally almost every single day (if not every day!) and we know that we can tell each other anything and everything. We first became friends when we were in the same Latin class in high school - most freshmen (including Emma) took the class, and as a senior I wanted to try venturing out and learning a new language after realizing I will never be able to trill my R's taking Spanish class since the 5th grade.

As we always tell each other, we are "the little/older sister each other has never had"! Emma has showed me that age doesn't matter when it comes to "clicking" with another person and similarly to how we find soul-mates in romantic love, we also find them in platonic friendship, too!

First, before we had our winter wonderland playground photo-shoot, we grabbed lunch at this ridiculously-delish (sassy hand flip implied) place called Simon's Marketplace located in Chester, CT.
Can't go wrong with Del's Lemonade & a turkey wrap with sprouts and avocado, although Emma's not a fan of tomato...

My too-good-to-be-legal marinated-herb salmon on crusty ciabatta with rustic pesto & red onion - so yummy!

After having major gurl-talk, we ventured out of the downtown Chester area and into the nearby park that was blanketed with shimmering snow!

Me, trying not to laugh as I channel the "Urban Hippie" look!

No matter how much swings make me sea-sick, I'm hopelessly in love with them!

Headwrap // Scunci Vintage Denim Shirt // Gap Long-Sleeved Tee // Hanes
Leggings // Lauren Conrad for Kohl's  Platform Heels // Jeffery Campbell 
☮ ✌ posing for peace ✌ 

The ground is always there to catch you when you need it, and it is always closer than you think.
This tire swing was  connected to the ground by an icicle!
Hat // Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt // Vineyard Vines
Jeans // Anthropologie Bean Boots // L.L. Bean

Eventually we had a decision to make: get frostbite or forgo the continuation of our photo shoot… we chose the latter. Heading back into Simon's Marketplace, I modeled my bracelets for Emma (and all of you!!) and we devoured delicious dessert!

Brown leather bracelet rope & with sun-engraved shield // Flea Market
All other bracelets // H&M

This toffee brownie was the perfect combination of salty, sugary, fudgey, and crumbly.
I am not exaggerating when I say it was one of the most amazing brownies I have ever eaten!
All in all, this afternoon was such a lovely one!

Do you have a friendship that defies the odds of age/where you are in life?
xoxo, Brooke

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