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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Twenty One

Today I turned the big 2-1! In typical Brooke-the-Bookworm fashion, I knew that I wanted this supahh-special day to be filled with everything I loved - the Boston Public Library, shopping at the ridiculously huge mall that connects three hotels together (which may or may not have been the deciding factor for the hotel selection I made for this trip.... *innocent face* hahaha!!), Barnes & Noble, and ~of course~ THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY <3.

These were just perfect for today's outfit! Dare to go bold: for an unexpected twist that is unapologetically sophisticated, skip the trouser socks in favor of thin-weight athletic socks. Smoking slippers have meet looked so approachable! And who thought athleisure was a dying trend!?

The library was literally stunning. What incredible architecture! Check it out:

After that, shopping was fantastic - keep your eyes out for new photos on the OOTD page coming soon! Next, I spent a good several hours at B&N looking at books and reading British fashion magazines (Woman&Home was my fave!)  and then headed over to The Cheesecake Factory where I kept it classy with a Bailey's-spiked decaf coffee w/ whip! (Followed by a whopping hunk of Oreo cheesecake; it was all very #diabeetus). Time to go on a sugar detox!

And now, I have a surprise for YOU! A bunch of you have been sending me emails asking me what specific makeup brands I would recommend (among other questions, haha!) - so much so, that I've decided the best way to respond is by launching a mini-series of video tutorials on makeup, in general - Cleopatra-style eyeliner, my signature red lip, the "Au natural" look, and so on. 

In these videos, I will ony be using the makeup brands I recommend so hopefully this will answer your question in a more hands-on way! Definitely let me know if there is a particular look you want to master (the tasteful smoky eye, anyone!?) and I will upload a video for it! 
Today I kept my birthday look relatively low-key, highlighting just my eyes with subtlety-shimmering champagne shadow from Revlon, applying L'Oreal's "Manga" mascara, and rimming both my upper & lower lash lines with Stilla onyx eyeliner.

If you haven't turned 21 yet, how do you dream of celebrating your birthday? For older readers - what are your favorite memories of how you spent your special day?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Happy 21st Birthday! Sounds like the perfect way to spend your special day! Your eye make-up looks fantastic. I definitely have no idea how to do any of the cool stuff like the smokey eye, how to contour, or any of that. It would be awesome if you decided to put up some tutorials. I am so excited to see what other content you bring to the blogging world! Keep it coming! :)

    1. Hi, Zobia! Aww, thank you so so much for your kind words!! Also, thank you so much for your feedback about launching a series of tutorials - that is such a great idea about creating a video for contouring! I will have to get on that ;)