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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trust Your Gut

It's so easy to ignore that inner voice, or that burning feeling in the pit of your stomach, that's telling you when something's a little off.  It could be as silly as when you're tempted to get some of that egg salad at the salad bar, but then you think maybe you shouldn't because that mayonnaise looks kind of dried out, or it could be a bit more serious such as when someone gives you a compliment - and then you realize it was rather backhanded.

It can also be much more tricky and serious. Maybe you find yourself at a party with a friend on a Saturday night and you don't like the way those guys (or girls! Hey, being sketchy isn't gender-dependent!) are looking at your friend up and down like they own her/him. Maybe you realize that family member of yours is going through a much larger mental struggle than they let on. Or maybe you find yourself in a really no-good, toxic friendship or relationship that you know deep down will only become more dangerous as time goes on.

As someone who previously would ignore these quick, involuntary feelings of "hmm, something isn't right here…" I've learned that the only thing more harmful than being in these situations is to be in denial that they are occurring. By pretending that little alarm inside of you isn't going off, you're increasing your risk of something unfortunate happening that you could have prevented if you had listened to yourself.

This is an extremely short post because I think it packs more of a punch this way, but - think about it. Are you ignoring your inner voice? Trust your gut, even when you don't like hearing what it's telling you. It is always so so incredibly worth it, and so are you. <3

Will you take my challenge to start "going with your gut" from now on?
xoxo, Brooke

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