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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Lumberjack Look

Recently, when I wake up in the morning my bed is so snuggly and warm that I honestly have no desire to remove myself from under the covers and head to class! But alas ~~ when I finally waddle over in a state of half-slumber to my closet, I've been reaching for the same style of outfit with a campfire vibe - the lumberjack look!

To copy my look, you'll need:

A plaid, flannel button-down top, such as this one:
Image Credit
This one pictured is from Woolrich, but I also highly recommend those at Urban Outfitters or L.L. Bean!

Leggings like these:

Image Credit

They don't need to be fancy - honestly, I have multiple pairs of these LC Lauren Conrad solid black leggings from Kohl's because 1. they're very sweet to my wallet ;) and 2. they're incredibly great quality!

Socks similar to these:

Image Credit
Cozy knit socks are always a fashion "do". Remember - grandmas were on to something, here. They were the original hipsters! They knew knitwear would be a thing before it was cool!

Booties of this style:
Image Credit
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I wear these literally every single day!! So much comfort, so much lumberjack-ish style.

Also, as a side note: I cannot seem to be wearing anything other on my head than my hot pink fuzzy earmuffs that are in the shape of two hearts!

What style have you been obsessing over lately?
xoxo, Brooke

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