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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The End of The Chapter

Tomorrow, I am turning the big 2-1 even though I swear it seems like just yesterday I was starting my first day of middle school. Something people never tell you is that although you're technically an adult at 18, you definitely won't feel like one. But 21, well - there's just something so official about it, you know!? It's a bit scary, but definitely in that heart-pumpy-stomach-jumpy good way!

The most prominent way I feel like a young adult now is that I no longer apologize for things that nobody truly ought to apologize for, such as: *drumrollll* (note: these aren't censored, so don't continue on if that will make you a bit squeamish!)

->being obsessed with the color pink (exhibit A - my dorm room...)
->for saying "lawlzmcgee" or any other one of my multitudinous catchphrases
->for professing my undying love for the Cybex Arc Trainer gym machine to anyone who will listen 
->for ordering a beloved Caesar salad <33 literally every time I eat at a restaurant
->for no longer straightening my wild lion's mane of hair on the daily *casually claws at you like an animal*
->(this is the one to cover your eyes for, if you're delicate hahaha!) for no longer being ashamed about my extremely unpopular decision to hold on to that good ol' virginity status of mine until I find real love with someone that I feel genuinely comfortable with & can trust 100%
->for eating more milk chocolate than is probably socially acceptable *shrugs*
->for wearing red lipstick and pearls to a 9AM class... As (I'm almost positive it was him) Oscar Wilde said, "you can never be overdressed or over educated!"
->for not being afraid to end a friendship abruptly rather than dragging things out unnecessarily if I feel as though it's heading in a toxic direction
->for only liking approximately four television shows in the entire existence of tv...
->now books, on the other hand, are actually kind of my soulmate; it's whatever.
->for just being myself.

I hope that you, too, are at that point in your life - no matter your age - where you're able to say, hey I am who I am and there's no need to go around saying sorry for it! Be proud of YOU! ~insert salsa-dancing lady emoji here~

Here are some highlights of today's Boston adventures at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA):

What personality trait(s)/quirks/habits of yours will you no longer apologize for, starting tonight? #sorrynotsorry
xoxo, Brooke

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