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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Productivity Is Power: Making The Most of Your Year!

After getting back home from Boston today, my mind immediately went into heading-back-to-college mode! A lot of you are already back at school/work and are getting back into the swing of things, so to speak, which made me realize that it would probably help if I shared my best productivity tips for achieving your goals for this year.

In 2014, my goal was to get a 3.7 GPA for a semester and I exceeded this goal with a 3.825 last semester - so you can be completely confident that these tips will actually work. Some of these you might have heard before, but others might seem, at first glance, totally sassy & surprising - until you realize that they're quite healthy choices to make!

Even though it sounds crazy… Don't Ever Do Your Work!
If what you're doing feels like work, then stop IMMEDIATELY. Trust me when I tell you that in order to do your best "work", you need to love what you do. If you're a math major but the thought of another problem set makes you want to cry your eyes out, then maybe you should rethink that path of study… I've learned from experience that although life may seem long, it is far too short to involve yourself with things and people that make you feel like your actions are chores, coming from a place of guilt rather than love. A labor of love is what you want, rather than just labor, in general.

Even though it sounds like a bad idea… Turn Down Opportunities!
Some, not all. They key here is to realize which opportunities are worth seizing/taking the time to apply for and everything that comes along with that - interviewing, filling out application forms, etc. - , and which you're better off letting pass you by. There's no need to spend hours upon hours wondering if you should go for that opportunity, because let's face it, you only have so many hours in a day and can't do it all (something I need to practice and not just preach *sigh* guilty as charged…!). Instead of hours, spend one minute to make your decision by asking yourself these questions: 1. Will this cause me to feel eustress or distress? 2. Will this help my development in some way, be it personal/professional/spiritual/etc? 3. Am I going to be pursuing this opportunity to please somebody else? Or will I be doing this for myself? 4. Will trying for this opportunity ruin my chances for receiving another opportunity that would ultimately prove further beneficial to me? 5. Could I honestly commit to this opportunity if I wind up receiving it? Boom - you have your answer.

Even though it sounds awfully lonely… Push People Away!
One of the saddest things I watch happening to people I care about is that they keep people around who are harmful to them. If somebody you love is hurting you, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, or otherwise, you need to say "see ya never!". Toxic friendships, unhealthy romantic relationships, horrendous situations in the workplace - no, no, and no! Remember your self-worth and how it is our basic right as a human being to have happiness. If anybody is taking away your happiness, they are not respecting you as a person - and you deserve better than that, friend. <3 I have experienced that burning feeling in the pit of my stomach, signaling I needed to end something, more times than I care to admit. Although it frickin' hurts at first, and no matter how alone you may feel for a while (whether a few days, weeks, months, or even years - but hopefully not years *winces*, haha!) remember how much happier you will be in the long run when you make more genuine friendships, romantic relationships based off of complete trust/honesty/respect, or jump into a career where your strong work ethic will be valued and you will receive fair compensation for your dedication to the company.

Even though it sounds hopelessly infantile… Draw Pictures!
This may sound kinda silly (okay, okay, fine, super silly!) but I actually drew a picture of what my dream "academic report" - are they only called Report Cards in high school!? - would look like… and then it came true! Oddly enough, I've visualized my goals on multiple occasions and I wound up achieving them every.single.time. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes!

Which of these tips will you be trying out this year?
xoxo, Brooke

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