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Saturday, January 3, 2015

I Love You To The Moon & Back!

^^that is how I feel about Moon Boots, which I am currently coveting as the newest edition to my winter wardrobe! I remember back at boarding school a few girls had them (hell, even a guy had them!) and while at the time I thought they were quite bizarre (and not in that quirky-cute way, either!) I am now a total convert.

I mean, look at these!! So cute!

1. Moon Boot Vinyl (Tecnica USA, $120.00)

I'm just lovin' the lyme color (Ha! Get it!? Lime/Lyme...I'm so pun-ny….. ;) *runs & hides*)

2. Moon Boot Satellite (Tecnica USA, $130.00)

With these boots, you will be sure to be a glittering goddess while frolicking in the snow. Uhhhh, can you say #happyfeet!?

3. Moon Boot Vail (Tecnica USA, $170.00)
These are certainly the most elegant of the bunch -- think: perfect when walking to an important meeting or appointment and the weather's being a bit frightful. Slip a pair of sweet flats into your purse to change into once you finally get back indoors!

4. Moon Boot Classic Nylon - Pink (Tecnica USA, $100.00)
Because of my obsession with the color pink, I can't not buy these… am I right, or am I right!?!

5. Moon Boot Classic Nylon - Turquoise (Tecnica USA, $100.00)
Personally, I think winter in New England can get pretty gray, you know?? When all the leaves have fallen off of the trees and "it's definitely going to start snowing either now or in 10 minutes or so" is an accurate weather forecast for approximately 50% of the days, these turquoise beauties will remind you of Caribbean beaches and that warmer weather is only a few months away (positive thinking here…ahahaha!)

What are your thoughts about Moon Boots? Love 'em? Or hate 'em?


  1. the colors are so great! i don't think the style is really for me though!
    prathusha // daybreak

    1. So sorry for the late reply, Prathusha! I was on vacation with no Wi-Fi in my hotel, & figuring out how to comment on my phone was quite confusing! Ahaha, they're definitely not for everyone, this is true!