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Friday, January 9, 2015

Dreaming Of A Warmer (And Trendier!) Day

These chilly temperatures we've been having recently are really making me wish for warmer days... so much so, that I found myself daydreaming about wearing all of the pretty Spring 2015 fashion trends!

When it comes to what I wear, personally, I will never follow a trend merely because it is "in style", if I don't actually find it aesthetically pleasing/feel comfortable wearing it for whatever reason. Exhibit A, friends: do you ~unfortunately~ remember when those gaucho-style pants were popular!? People make comments about the 80s having silly style, but my middle school class certainly gave the 80s a run for its money, let me tell ya! *slaps palm to forehead*

Here are my top 5 absolute favorite looks for the upcoming Spring - they're sophisticated and unapologetic yet completely doable:

1. Fringe
As a die-hard fan of The Great Gatsby <333, I am all about this flap-happy style! But it doesn't have to stop at the Roaring 20s: there are so many updated takes on fringe, from everything to the Southwestern cowgirl look to laid-back hairstyles with fringe-like bangs.
Image via Forever 21
If you're feeling bold: wear it on western-style ankle booties paired with a chambray denim dress
If you're feeling shy: wear it on a brightly-hued handbag - maybe yellow!? Refer to #4 ;)

2. One-Shoulder
When trying to look "sexy", people immediately think low-cut tops and short, tight skirts - not only is this way overdone, but I personally think ladies are ignoring other beautiful parts of their bodies that can be highlighted in a truly tasteful, classy manner.
Image via thisnext (Lilly Pulitzer)
If you're feeling bold: wear a no-shoulder (!) top with a boatneck-style cut that frames your collar bones in a pretty way, reminiscent of a ballerina.
If you're feeling shy: wear it on a gauzy, gossamer of a sundress and carry a cute cardigan with you for added warmth & coverage.

3. Gingham Print
One of my favorite aspects of having lovely weather is being able to enjoy the outdoors for hours without fear of frostbite! Gingham gives a more-than-subtle nod to picnic blankets, and considering eating things is one of my favorite hobbies (hahaha!!) the print reminds me of tiny tuna sandwiches and celery sticks with peanut butter & raisins.
Image via ASOS
If you're feeling bold: wear it on an all-over printed cap-sleeved dress with little white sneakers (think: Superga or Keds)
If you're feeling shy: wear it on your undies - hey, this print isn't for everyone!

4. Yellow
I've been told I have a "yellow" personality - bubbly and sunshiny! What better way to show off to the world that you're a positive, happy person than this lovely color? From butter to lemon, I adore them all.
Image via LuLu's
If you're feeling bold: wear it on skinny jeans that hit just above your ankle and neutral ballet flats for a truly leg-lengthening look.
If you're feeling shy: wear it on tons of running shoes now incorporate bright colors, such as yellow, into their designs. I'm devoted to my neon Asics!

5. Haute Hippie
Who said hippie-style has to be dirty!? Fear not, shower lovers - bohemian grunge is in, but in a modernized - and definitely hygienic- way.
Image via Pinterest

If you're feeling bold: wear it on a crop-top with a printed image of a dream catcher with high-waisted denim shorts and light pink Birkenstock sandals. +5 bonus points to you if you adorn your hair with a feather headwrap!
If you're feeling shy: wear it on a pair of dainty, dangly earrings in gold or silver, depending on which looks best with your unique skin tone.

Which of these trends are you just dying to try?
xoxo, Brooke

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