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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cute Workout Clothes to Wear to the Gym

I granted myself this first week of classes off from going to the gym to focus on getting some good momentum going with my homework!

That being said, it's always exciting to put on a cute outfit (think: fitness-fierce chic) to wear to the gym so whenever you walk by a mirror, you'll feel super confident!

Here are my top 5 picks from brands that I actually wear: (Side Note: can anyone enlighten me what is so special about lululemon!? I don't own anything from there so I'm not entirely sure what the obsession is about…)

1. Nike ForeveRun Tights

Image Credit
The brighter the colors, the brighter your mood, am I right!?!

2. Victoria's Secret PINK Ultimate Half-Zip
Image Credit
VS PINK clothing is always flattering, which will add a little extra "I'm-Foxxy-Cleopatra-and-a-whole-lotta-woman! *snaps fingers with the utmost sass*" boost to those post-workout endorphins ;) !

3. Nike G90 Stripe and Mesh Back
Image Credit
I'm the biggest fan of tops like these that are totally wearable not only for working out purposes but also for a casual Sunday afternoon running errands. You can be sure that you'll truly get your money's worth with this one!

4. Adidas Tiro 13 Training Pants
Image Credit
Even though these are technically meant for playing soccer, who said you can't wear them on a blustery day for a quick jog!?

5. Old Navy Active Sports Bra
Image Credit
Because two pinks are better than one!! (There are most definitely more than two shades of pink there, but that just happened to roll off the tongue… ermm, keyboard better, ahaha!)

What are your favorite clothes to wear to the gym?
xoxo, Brooke


  1. Well, I started going to a spinning class 3 times a week, and my goal is to be able to wear yoga pants there--and to look good in them! So this post is great. I LOVE the bright Nike ForeverRun Tights. Gorgeous!!

    1. Spinning class 3 times a week!? You go, girl!! :) Hahha, yes!! Who doesn't love a good pair of yoga pants, am I right!? So flattering!!

  2. These tights are to die for! I love these!

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