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Monday, January 5, 2015

City Vs. Shoreline Living

Today I took the train into Boston (aka my favorite city evarrr! *sassy hand flip*) with my Mama Bear where we'll be staying the next few days - including my 21st birthday on Wednesday, yippee! My hotel, although amazing in every other way and ├╝ber luxurious, refuses to provide free Wi-Fi with their guests' stay, so the struggle is very real right now as I am typing the entirety of this lengthy post on my phone!!

Something I initially realized is how extremely different life in this city is from my seaside, suburban lifestyle. Knowing something in theory is far, far different from experiencing it first hand, you know??

Here are my first ten thoughts about Boston, and how estranged it is from my life on the Connecticut shoreline:

1.Stores are open considerably later, closing at 9 or 10pm rather than 4:30 or 5pm. Hel-looo (window) shopping adventures!!

2.Nobody will ever notice that you decided to go make up-free for the day. In fact, nobody will notice you at all unless you're walking too slowly...guilty as charged on this one, but I've got a field hockey injury circa 2011 as my excuse ahaha! 

3.The nearest Starbucks is now only a 2 minute walk instead of a 13 minute drive. (Side Note: Who needs a boyfriend when you've got a decaf peppermint mocha w/ whip cream instead!? #ilybae)

4.On the topic of food & drink, sadly that (hypothetical, of course.....) favorite Caesar salad of yours that you always order at your local diner is now at least $5 more expensive at any other restaurant here. *strokes wallet softly to ease its pain*

5.Nighttime isn't actually that dark because, as I'm sure you all know, the story of Genesis reads as follows: "In the beginning God created heaven and the earth. And God said Let there be street lamps in Boston!: and there were street lamps in Boston. #Amen

6.There is probably more nature around than you think. Don't let the notion of the "concrete jungle" fool you - there are quite a few bodies of water (check out the harbor view from my hotel room in the "Highlights" section of this post down below!), parks, and even casual patches of grass (!!!).

7.Not everyone pronounces "car keys" like "khakis" - who knew!? In fact, most people mysteriously seem to have manifested an accent most reminiscent of those heard in New York, aka my original motherland from back in the day! 

8.Every guy and his brother appears to be wearing a suit around here... unfortunately it seems Southeastern CT really missed the memo on this one! *sadface*

9.Constantly walking around means that "sedentary" is no longer a socially- acceptable lifestyle option - although personally I'm a total sucker for a great book and a comfy couch!

10.There are actually enough people on a sidewalk that you run the risk of getting bumped into accidentally. The mere fact that there are even people around is such a novelty! 

As mentioned earlier, here are some highlights from today's adventures!

Have you ever experienced culture shock in some way when traveling, even if to someplace relatively nearby?
xoxo, Brooke

PS- I hope you all had excellent luck scoring some amazing deals at the Lilly Pullitzer After Party sale this morning!

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