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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Changing Your Diet

Gone are the days when I can just eat peanut butter and jelly for every meal. I remember last year in the Fall semester, I was so over the dining hall food on my college's campus that for breakfast, I'd scarf down a granola bar on my way to class, lunch was nothing more than a Good Humor ice cream bar (who can resist!? #temptation) and some Fritos, and dinner meant sitting in the bed of the guy I was seeing at the time eating his Jax cheese puffs straight out of the (very big) bag. If you're him and reading this right now (ugh, awkward), sorry about eating the vast majority your puffs, good sir. Okay okay… so maybe that was an all-time health-low for me - but right now I haven't exactly been on top of my healthy-eating game, either!

Shout out to all my readers who are also taking iron pills like me… in a word: yikes. They can have some highly unfortunate side effects if you don't maintain a healthy, balanced diet. I've learned this the (very…very…) hard way. If you are lucky enough to not be living in a college dorm that has zero-access to a kitchen, then you definitely have unlimited options! However, my friends with cars on campus are too busy to drive me to the supermarket, and the dining hall doesn't offer a lot of the "super-foods" that I'm very eager to try. As a side note, my own car has officially to car-heaven :'( R.I.P car-car <3

Here are 5 super-foods I'm going to figure out a way to add into my diet, for my health's sake: (Note: I think coconut water is so nauseating! Although many people advocate for it, I just can't do it. What about you?)

1. Watermelon
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Even though you're supposed to technically drink eight glasses of water a day, eating watermelon is an easy way to get more fluids in your system while enjoying a sweet treat!

2. Flax
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Apparently flax seed can help prevent diabetes - which is comforting to me, being somebody who would eat just desserts for every meal if she could! Other health benefits include fighting heart disease and potentially breast cancer. ...You had me at "flax".

3. Cauliflower (cooked)
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Although they occasional serve raw cauliflower in the dining hall, I definitely prefer my vegetables cooked! You honestly never know what pesticides are on there or where it's been - heat is the ideal way to kill harmful bacteria.

4. Salmon (wild-caught)
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Being a non-strict vegetarian, I also eat fish and eggs for sources of protein (which I believe technically means I'm a "pescatarian"?).  YOU GUYS, never eat farm-raised fish!! Be sure to only eat wild-caught because salmon farmers feed their fish material that is beyond disgusting and I'm not even about to get into it right now.

5. Grapes (green)
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I'm definitely a green grapes kind of girl! Maybe I'm just biased because I grew up always eating these, but in general, the green kind tend to be larger and more crisp, whereas I tend to find red grapes to be rather squishy (in that bad way) and oddly small.

What healthy foods do you plan on adding into your diet?
xoxo, Brooke

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