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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sculpture (We're Not Talkin' About Clay!)

I think it's a safe bet to guess that the vast majority have some sort of fitness/health goal for 2015. Although many people say "I want to lose weight" (STOP THAT!! You're beautiful. Unless it's for health reasons, in which case… proceed *claps hands like royalty giving an order*), a more easily-attainable goal is to sculpt the parts of your body that you want to tone up!

Did you know the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day!? Here are some of my most highly-recommened videos (which I really ought to start doing again myself, consider winter break workouts = long walks to the fridge…. oops!?) for specifically-targeted areas that will help you stay on-track with your goals:

1. For awesome arms, try "10 Minutes to Tone: Arm Workout"!

2. For a beautiful booty, try "10-Minute Pilates Butt Workout"!

3. For a toned-up tummy, try "10 Minutes to Tighter Abs and a Stronger Core"!

4. For lovely legs, try "This One is For the Leggings: Inner and Outer Thigh Workout"!

5. For slaying stress, try "10-Minute Yoga Flow". The video says it's particularly helpful for hangovers, but for those of us who haven't been drinking yet just need some yoga in our lives, count us in!

What are your favorite fitness videos?
xoxo, Brooke

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