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Sunday, January 4, 2015

After Party at Lilly Pulitzer!

Before I get to the good stuff, let me first start off by saying Lilly Pulitzer is one of my absolute favorite designers (note: this is my personal opinion and NOT sponsored)! My favorite prints, currently, are "Biggest Fan", "Catwalk", & "Fishing For Compliments".

"Biggest Fan"
 image via Lilly Pulitzer

image via Lilly Pulitzer

"Fishing For Compliments"
image via Lilly Pulitzer

The "After Party" Sale at Lilly Pulitzer is a bi-annual sale - the normal "Sale" section of the website magically disappears, because the huge blowout sale begins tomorrow at 8AM EST and ends the following day at 11:59PM EST; the other sale is in the late summer.

Things are known to get pretty intense at the After Party sale, so they make shipping free in order to place multiple, separate orders for each individual item. If you put an item you love in your (virtual) shopping tote, that doesn't mean it's actually reserved... so if you don't buy it quickly, everyone may have purchased it already and it's no longer in stock!

Click here for the best insider tips to navigating arguably one of the best sales of the year.

Even though in the morning I'm heading up to Boston for a few days, you can be sure I'll be doing a little shopping of mine own during the train-ride over! ;)

What's your favorite Lilly item that you own?


  1. I love Lilly! I don't have any of their clothing, but I love their agenda (in Let's Cha Cha)!

    prathusha // daybreak

  2. Hi, Prathusha! I definitely think it's worth it to invest in their clothing - it's awwdorable! :p Yes!! Aren't their agendas just the cutest!?