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Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Night of Netflix: Hot Date (With Yourself!!) Edition

After spending the vast majority of the past week in Boston, I'm definitely in need of a quiet night in! Sometimes, it's just so lovely to have a date - with yourself. But I'm not turning into a total recluse just yet - tomorrow afternoon I'm finally having a reunion with one of my closest friends who I am soooo excited to see again, so get excited for a post on that!

Naturally, the first thing I reached for (after the popcorn, of course) to enjoy some "me" time was my dad's personal Netflix account. I'm not a "television" person, by any means. In general, watching TV makes me feel guilty... I personally believe that every person has a duty to themselves to be take charge of his or her intelligence and be somewhat autodidactic, whereas laying around on my couch doing nothing but staring at a screen of makeup-caked actresses and way-too-full-of-themselves actors makes me feel pretty… meh. The absolute worst is going on a (~~hypothetical, of course~~) date back in the day and hear him go on and on about how attractive the actress playing the main character is… Excuse me, shallow good sir, aren't you supposed to be complimenting your date!? Uhhhm, yeah,  #seeyanever buddy !

There are a few exceptions to this anti-television creed of mine, though, most notably for the shows House Hunters and Cupcake Wars. Rather than promote unrealistic portrayals of daily life and appearances like most shows do, these focus on a more wholesome sense of beauty/design, whether through architecture or (preferably chocolate) frosting<3.

 Although I'm pretty much all set on the music/books/art side of things (can you ever really be "all set" with knowledge, though!?), I've decided to try bolstering my efforts to not be so pop-culturally challenged in the television/movie watching department… we'll see how this goes ;) ahaha!!!

Here's a sneak peek into what's on my Netflix queue:

1. Friends
Image via On The Set Of New York
Can you believe I've never seen it!? Maybe one episode at a sleepover, but I fell asleep half-way through so this doesn't count. Most people I know are pretty obsessed with this show, so I'm thinkin' that's for a good reason!

2. New Girl
Image via Hulu
I love Zooey Deschanel's website, Hello Giggles and also her band, She & Him so I'm sure I'd also enjoy watching her acting. I definitely think she is one of the more "genuine" celebrities out there, which is so refreshing - and much-appreciated! (Note: apparently it

3. Scandal
Image via Seriable
I have heard amazing things about Scandal. Oh, and Kerry Washington's character, Olivia Pope has a fashion sense that's truly on-point! The Limited even dedicated a fashion line to her, so you know it's good.

4. Portlandia
Image via Multnomah University
In high school, I definitely went through my indie/hipster phase because I thought the subculture was the only way to classify myself as an intellectual without venturing into "dont-talk-to-Brooke-she's-a-nerd" territory. I've since realized that listening to obscure bands isn't necessarily my cup of tea (HA see what I did there… tea…because it's artsy… okay okay I'm pun-ny but I'm done~~ and my love for Ke$ha's music, and all else that is mainstream, is just too prevailing) but I still love me some Doc Martens, and I've been known to wear fake glasses in the library to inspire myself to feel studious (guilty as charged -____- hahaha!) even though I prefer not to classify myself as belonging to one particular subculture, although if you demand I do so, it'd be a hot mess of preppy/urban glam/intellectual!

5. House of Cards
Image via Bad Ass Digest
Even though whenever I get into a heated debate about politics I probably need temporary medication to lower my blood pressure, I do enjoy watching others get all political with each other! Pass me the popcorn so I can munch away all of my nervous energy, will ya!? :p

What television shows are on your Netflix queue? (I can use all the recommendations I can get!!)
xoxo, Brooke

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