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Saturday, January 31, 2015

War of the (Social Media) Worlds

So, because it's a Saturday night I'll promise to keep this short ;). But today, I was ruminating on the idea that it seems like there's a war of the (social media) worlds going on - every platform is competing for your attention!

You've got your classics: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Then there's Pinterest, Bloglovin', and Tumblr. Then you've got the more "professional" ones: LinkedIn, Google+ (which could also be more "social", but not necessarily),, Mightybell….And the team-project ones: Slack, Trello, Asana. These are only some of the most well-known types of social media! But, how do you know which are right for you, you may ask!?

Personally, I use (click the links to connect with me) Facebook, Bloglovin (of course!), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, About.Me, and Mightybell.

Although I had a Tumblr back in my senior year of high school/freshman year of college, I soon forgot my email and password for it. I feel like Pinterest is a much more organized version of Tumblr - and I love being organized. Anyone who knows me personally can attest that, at least once, when they've wanted to come visit me in my dorm room at a time when it's superbly messy, I'd either thrown them out when they tried to barge in or shut the door in their face before they could even step a toe inside!
My humble abode -aka dorm room- when it's (actually) clean!

It can get pretty tricky to keep up with the madness that is posting/uploading/whatever it is that people do on the aforementioned platforms, on the regular - although Facebook and Twitter are my daily go-to's! Isn't it crazy to remember the times when DVDs didn't exist, and people didn't have iPods or laptops!? Although it can be ~quite~ overwhelming, I definitely think that even if technology can at times appear to be a "necessary evil", the pros ultimately outweigh the cons.

What are your favorite types of social media to use? How often do you update your accounts? Do you have any clever tricks/strategies to managing your social media posts efficiently?
xoxo, Brooke

Friday, January 30, 2015

Currently Trending

Here's the low-down on culture for this week:

Reading: The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy

Buy me!
So, I downloaded this book on my Kindle which is a totally foreign experience for a paperback-lover such as myself… but I have to say, the "digital download-iness" doesn't affect my enjoyment of this book at all, whereas that's definitely happened to me in the past! This book is so far highly relatable considering it's about a 20-something year old girl in the 1950's traveling in Paris. The narrator is super sassy, and although often times compared to Holden Caulfield (aka my husband) from The Catcher in the Rye, at this point I would say that's a bit of an exaggeration, although I see where someone could make the connection. Check out the plot here!

Watching: In Your Eyes

This is technically on my "to-watch" list, but I'm planning on watching it in 10 minute increments throughout the weekend/next week! It's a paranormal romance about two complete strangers that happen to know what each other is thinking. What!? Don't give me that sassy eyebrow raise! Trust me, it's supposedly not as lame as it might sound.

Wearing: Sorel snow boots


Like oh-em-gee, that #snowpocalypse just #cantstopwontstop!!! If you want to look totesmygoats fab *cue sassy hand flip* even when it's super snowy/icy out and you need to keep safe, these are your go-to boots, friends.

Listening to: Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj/Drake/Lil Wayne

The beat is fantastic!! I literally cannot get this song out of my head. Perfect for: doing squats in your room when it's too cold to book it over to the gym, putting on your make-up before going out, writing blog posts (aka this one)… Whatever you do, just don't listen to the actual lyrics. AND DEFINITELY DO NOT LOOK UP "TRUFFLE BUTTER" ON URBAN DICTIONARY BECAUSE YOU WILL GAG. AND THEN SLOWLY DIE. <---- hey, I warned you!

Inspired by: Robert Tew

I'm not about to pretend that I even know who this guy is, but I use a Day Designer planner by Whitney English and yesterday's quote in the planner by Robert Tew ("Sometimes what you fear the most is the very thing that will set you free") truly resonated with me. I'm used to being an A average student, so when I got back a highly unsatisfactory grade today, my heart - and level of confidence - was utterly crushed. However, I realized that my fear wasn't simply about getting one bad grade - it was that one bad grade would be the first of many, that it would signify that I had lost my ability to ever get an A ever again! As my field hockey coach during my senior year of high school would always say something along these lines, "Never let one bad play determine your entire game."So by my original fear actualizing itself, I am now able to realize the bigger fear hiding behind the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and now I can go prove myself wrong by hard work to improve my approach for the next assignment.

What's currently trending in your life? Any suggestions for a read, watch, wear, listen, or inspirational figure?
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Changing Your Diet

Gone are the days when I can just eat peanut butter and jelly for every meal. I remember last year in the Fall semester, I was so over the dining hall food on my college's campus that for breakfast, I'd scarf down a granola bar on my way to class, lunch was nothing more than a Good Humor ice cream bar (who can resist!? #temptation) and some Fritos, and dinner meant sitting in the bed of the guy I was seeing at the time eating his Jax cheese puffs straight out of the (very big) bag. If you're him and reading this right now (ugh, awkward), sorry about eating the vast majority your puffs, good sir. Okay okay… so maybe that was an all-time health-low for me - but right now I haven't exactly been on top of my healthy-eating game, either!

Shout out to all my readers who are also taking iron pills like me… in a word: yikes. They can have some highly unfortunate side effects if you don't maintain a healthy, balanced diet. I've learned this the (very…very…) hard way. If you are lucky enough to not be living in a college dorm that has zero-access to a kitchen, then you definitely have unlimited options! However, my friends with cars on campus are too busy to drive me to the supermarket, and the dining hall doesn't offer a lot of the "super-foods" that I'm very eager to try. As a side note, my own car has officially to car-heaven :'( R.I.P car-car <3

Here are 5 super-foods I'm going to figure out a way to add into my diet, for my health's sake: (Note: I think coconut water is so nauseating! Although many people advocate for it, I just can't do it. What about you?)

1. Watermelon
Image Credit

Even though you're supposed to technically drink eight glasses of water a day, eating watermelon is an easy way to get more fluids in your system while enjoying a sweet treat!

2. Flax
Image Credit

Apparently flax seed can help prevent diabetes - which is comforting to me, being somebody who would eat just desserts for every meal if she could! Other health benefits include fighting heart disease and potentially breast cancer. ...You had me at "flax".

3. Cauliflower (cooked)
Image Credit

Although they occasional serve raw cauliflower in the dining hall, I definitely prefer my vegetables cooked! You honestly never know what pesticides are on there or where it's been - heat is the ideal way to kill harmful bacteria.

4. Salmon (wild-caught)
Image Credit

Being a non-strict vegetarian, I also eat fish and eggs for sources of protein (which I believe technically means I'm a "pescatarian"?).  YOU GUYS, never eat farm-raised fish!! Be sure to only eat wild-caught because salmon farmers feed their fish material that is beyond disgusting and I'm not even about to get into it right now.

5. Grapes (green)
Image Credit

I'm definitely a green grapes kind of girl! Maybe I'm just biased because I grew up always eating these, but in general, the green kind tend to be larger and more crisp, whereas I tend to find red grapes to be rather squishy (in that bad way) and oddly small.

What healthy foods do you plan on adding into your diet?
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Writing in a Journal

This morning when I woke up, I was certainly feeling celebratory - two snow days in a row!? Ummm, yes please!! But at the same time, I was also feeling a bit… drained. I always put 101% into everything I do - whether that's forgetting to take my vitamins every morning (oops!?), completing my homework for class a few days early, or brushing my teeth like a champion. These "simple" tasks really do add up, ultimately requiring a lot of energy! Although there are "quiet hours" in my dorm, it doesn't stop the total randos passing through at around midnight shouting things. Here is last night's example:

Dude 1: Dude, you're being a real [jerk]. (Note: the original word was not, indeed, "jerk")
Dude 2: Dude, YOU'RE being a [jerk]!!!
[Dude 1 & Dude 2 laugh it off and walk into the stairwell to head upstairs]

All I could think was……………………….plz be quiet. plz plz plz.

Something that helps me keep my sanity in check when all I want to do is curl up in my Camel-printed comforter and hot pink polka-dotted blanket is to write in my beloved red Moleskin notebook where I write literally everything and anything… "total randos" doesn't just apply to Dude 1 and Dude 2, but also to my "journal"! To-do lists? You betcha! Goals and dreams? But of course! Poetry? I dabble.

I used to think journaling was such a commitment. That I'd have to write down every detail of every day to chart the course of my life and make sure I wasn't regressing or making choices that weren't on par with my ultimate goals. I'm not a commitment-phobe when it comes to other people by any means, but when it comes to making commitments to myself, now that's when a little bit of panic sets in. I remember the 21 days I went gluten-free for having a sensitivity, but I just couldn't do it anymore, even though it made me feel better. Forget what you've heard, friends, "pizza" is actually my middle name! *starts drooling on keyboard casually*

I also thought journaling was creepy. What if somebody wrote down all these thoughts about you, and you had no idea about it!? What a violation! Not actually a violation, per se, but you know what I'm getting at, haha - go with it! I remember when I was a little girl I would write about my boyfriends at the time. To be honest, I think I knew more about the concept of "love" back then than I do now! I think we all did...

The truth is, though, that keeping a journal is neither a huge commitment nor creepy! You don't have to write your whole life story in it, nor do you have to write about other people. You can make up your own rules and allow it to become a safe place to explore emotions, thoughts, draw little doodles, and anything else you might want.

Check out these super-cute journals; I highly encourage you to buy one and start your own!!

Click here to buy me!

Click here to buy me! (pssst, this is the one I use!!)

Click here to buy me!

Click here to buy me!

Click here to buy me!
Do you write in a journal? Which one is your favorite?
xoxo, Brooke

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Being Rejected

There are probably very few things more painful than being rejected. The only thing that I can think of off the top of my head as being more painful is getting hit with a ball in a Squash match, straight shot right to the ol' baby-maker (I, unfortunately, recall this memory from experience…. -______- ).

Image Credit

Whether you apply for a job that doesn't work out, or the guy you're hopelessly infatuated with think is pretty cool has his sights set on somebody else, or somebody you thought was a good friend purposefully doesn't invite you to a social gathering - just remember, these things happen to everyone.

If you're like me and you believe that everything happens for a reason, you'd agree with Marilyn Monroe's quote "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." If an opportunity passes you by, don't just sit there being sad for days (although definitely be kind enough to yourself  yourself to take at least a day to let it all out!)  - let it fuel your fire.

Image Credit

Do better next time. Avoid that type of person next time. Build yourself up whenever you feel down - it's the best thing you can do to make you feel better. Learn new skills that will make you a more marketable candidate, spend an extra 5 (…...or 15) minutes in the shower using a new, delicious-smelling body wash to make you feel uber-pretty, ask a new friend in one of your classes if she wants to grab lunch sometime.

Rejection can either be seen as a closed door or as an opportunity - it's up to you to decide which.

Have you felt "rejected" in some way lately? What worked best to lift your spirits?
xoxo, Brooke

Monday, January 26, 2015

5 Perfect Mascaras

I was just having a conversation with someone about my morning routine, when I realized how essential the right stick of black goo ~and by this, friends, I mean mascara~ is to looking bright-eyed and wide awake when you could have used another hour or four of sleep!

Different mascaras work best depending on the kind of eyelashes you have. I know, I know, that sounds a little creepy haha... but it's so true! These 5 perfect mascaras below work extremely well no matter if your eyelashes are naturally thick, thin, curly, straight, what-have-you! Think: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, one size fits all.

1.Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara by L'Oreal Paris
Image Credit

It's safe to say that I wear this seven days out of seven. When I (although quite rarely) do switch it up, I go for the following!

2. They're Real! Mascara by Benefit
Image Credit
Date night coming up? Trust me…. this is the one to wear. *batts other-wordly, perfect-in-every-way eyelashes at you coyly*

3. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara
Image Credit
This is superior in its ability with catching every lash… and making your wallet empty and alone *sigh*

4. Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara
Image Credit
If you're in need of a waterproof mascara (perfect for days you have a presentation, a first date, or lady cramps, am I right!?) this is the one.

5. Marc Jacobs Beauty Lash Lifter - Gel Definition Mascara

Image Credit

The texture of this formula will make your eyelashes look hopelessly glossy and charming! 

Which mascara is your favorite?
xoxo, Brooke

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Trust Your Gut

It's so easy to ignore that inner voice, or that burning feeling in the pit of your stomach, that's telling you when something's a little off.  It could be as silly as when you're tempted to get some of that egg salad at the salad bar, but then you think maybe you shouldn't because that mayonnaise looks kind of dried out, or it could be a bit more serious such as when someone gives you a compliment - and then you realize it was rather backhanded.

It can also be much more tricky and serious. Maybe you find yourself at a party with a friend on a Saturday night and you don't like the way those guys (or girls! Hey, being sketchy isn't gender-dependent!) are looking at your friend up and down like they own her/him. Maybe you realize that family member of yours is going through a much larger mental struggle than they let on. Or maybe you find yourself in a really no-good, toxic friendship or relationship that you know deep down will only become more dangerous as time goes on.

As someone who previously would ignore these quick, involuntary feelings of "hmm, something isn't right here…" I've learned that the only thing more harmful than being in these situations is to be in denial that they are occurring. By pretending that little alarm inside of you isn't going off, you're increasing your risk of something unfortunate happening that you could have prevented if you had listened to yourself.

This is an extremely short post because I think it packs more of a punch this way, but - think about it. Are you ignoring your inner voice? Trust your gut, even when you don't like hearing what it's telling you. It is always so so incredibly worth it, and so are you. <3

Will you take my challenge to start "going with your gut" from now on?
xoxo, Brooke

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fabulous Dry Shampoos That Will Save Your Life

YOU GUYS, there's no hot water in my dorm!! Rather than give "smell ya later" a whole new meaning, I figure why not try one of these fabulous dry shampoos that will save my life look!?

1. Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Clean Dry Shampoo
Image Credit
This is a great help to add back some volume and bounciness that your hair loses over time!

2. Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo
Image Credit
The smell is delish *sassy hand flip*!! Although this is better for people with oily/greasy hair, I'm a fan.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo
Image Credit
This leaves no unfortunate white residue, whatsoever - count me in!

Which brand of dry shampoo is your favorite?
xoxo, Brooke

Friday, January 23, 2015

Currently Trending

Here's the low-down on culture for this week:

Reading: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
Image Credit

I'm currently taking a night class senior seminar (even though I'm a junior, I want to get this requirement done sooner rather than later!) where we'll be reading all of Jane Austen's work, as well as a book about her. The first book we're reading is Sense and Sensibility… which is definitely good, don't get me wrong! But it's got nothin' on Pride & Prejudice <333 because #TeamMrDarcy

Watching: Pretty Little Liars
Image Credit

I'm not even going to wonder who A is anymore, because there are just too many ways they could spin it. But in the latest episode, how the heck did A manage to write Aria's college letter into that receipt from Emily!?!?

Wearing: Hot Pink Fuzzy Ear Muffs In The Shape of Two Hearts
pink earmuffs hearts
Image Credit

If you ever see a girl shivering her way across campus wearing hot pink heart-shaped ear muffs that are fuzzy (and a "little green riding hood" coat) - well, ya found me!

Listening to: Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony
Image Credit

This is highly embarrassing to admit, but if admitting that I love this song is stupid, then I don't want to be smart! Grab your hairbrushes and get ready to dance, thus unleashing your inner 80's teenager in front of your mirror...

Inspired by: One of My Professors Who Shall Remain Nameless

In my night class, we were discussing Sense & Sensibility and the destructive role of emotions. My professor said something that truly resonated with me - "You must govern your emotions or they will tear you to shreds." I think this is so so accurate, especially for me - a highly sensitive person who feels emotions quite deeply! Something I'm going to start doing is ask myself "does this really matter as much as I think it does?" whenever something feels like a "crisis". By examining the bigger picture, the smaller picture might not seem as overwhelmingly, grandly important!

What's currently trending in your life? Any suggestions for a read, watch, wear, listen, or inspirational figure?
xoxo, Brooke

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Lumberjack Look

Recently, when I wake up in the morning my bed is so snuggly and warm that I honestly have no desire to remove myself from under the covers and head to class! But alas ~~ when I finally waddle over in a state of half-slumber to my closet, I've been reaching for the same style of outfit with a campfire vibe - the lumberjack look!

To copy my look, you'll need:

A plaid, flannel button-down top, such as this one:
Image Credit
This one pictured is from Woolrich, but I also highly recommend those at Urban Outfitters or L.L. Bean!

Leggings like these:

Image Credit

They don't need to be fancy - honestly, I have multiple pairs of these LC Lauren Conrad solid black leggings from Kohl's because 1. they're very sweet to my wallet ;) and 2. they're incredibly great quality!

Socks similar to these:

Image Credit
Cozy knit socks are always a fashion "do". Remember - grandmas were on to something, here. They were the original hipsters! They knew knitwear would be a thing before it was cool!

Booties of this style:
Image Credit
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I wear these literally every single day!! So much comfort, so much lumberjack-ish style.

Also, as a side note: I cannot seem to be wearing anything other on my head than my hot pink fuzzy earmuffs that are in the shape of two hearts!

What style have you been obsessing over lately?
xoxo, Brooke

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cute Workout Clothes to Wear to the Gym

I granted myself this first week of classes off from going to the gym to focus on getting some good momentum going with my homework!

That being said, it's always exciting to put on a cute outfit (think: fitness-fierce chic) to wear to the gym so whenever you walk by a mirror, you'll feel super confident!

Here are my top 5 picks from brands that I actually wear: (Side Note: can anyone enlighten me what is so special about lululemon!? I don't own anything from there so I'm not entirely sure what the obsession is about…)

1. Nike ForeveRun Tights

Image Credit
The brighter the colors, the brighter your mood, am I right!?!

2. Victoria's Secret PINK Ultimate Half-Zip
Image Credit
VS PINK clothing is always flattering, which will add a little extra "I'm-Foxxy-Cleopatra-and-a-whole-lotta-woman! *snaps fingers with the utmost sass*" boost to those post-workout endorphins ;) !

3. Nike G90 Stripe and Mesh Back
Image Credit
I'm the biggest fan of tops like these that are totally wearable not only for working out purposes but also for a casual Sunday afternoon running errands. You can be sure that you'll truly get your money's worth with this one!

4. Adidas Tiro 13 Training Pants
Image Credit
Even though these are technically meant for playing soccer, who said you can't wear them on a blustery day for a quick jog!?

5. Old Navy Active Sports Bra
Image Credit
Because two pinks are better than one!! (There are most definitely more than two shades of pink there, but that just happened to roll off the tongue… ermm, keyboard better, ahaha!)

What are your favorite clothes to wear to the gym?
xoxo, Brooke

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3 Easy Ways to Break Your Bad Habits

Is procrastination your middle name? Do you date people who are just no good for you? Has eating french fries become your favorite pastime instead of heading to the gym?

Don't worry - we aren't doomed to a life of bad habits forever! If we're being real here, we all have something that we do that's just plain bad for us. Here's lookin' at you, bag of Butterfinger  peanut butter cups on top of my fridge… *casually starts to drool*!

Last semester, these 3 following tips I came up with completely ended my procrastination habit, and I have felt liberated and empowered ever since. I hope they will work for you as well as they did for me!

1. Reward yourself when you break the pattern.
Giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done will motivate you to keep on keeping on with your efforts to change due to excitement for what rewards the future will bring for you! For example, if you have a banana for dessert instead of Chips Ahoy cookies, reward yourself with a super-warm shower session with a delicious smelling body wash… coconut, anyone!? *sniffs the air, bloodhound-style*

2. Imagine the worst-case scenario if you never break your bad habits.
Although I definitely advocate for being optimistic, dreaming about the best-case scenario, while still inspiring, just won't work as well as scaring yourself into that best-case scenario! For example, if you don't stop procrastinating you will most certainly fail out of this college that you worked your tuchus off to get into. Now that's scary!

3. Exchange each bad habit by replacing it with a good habit.
It's a lot easier to change your behavioral patterns by consciously doing one thing (the good thing!) every time you feel inclined to do another (the bad thing you want to change!). For example, every time   you want to text a gentleman from your past, literally turn your phone off for 10 minutes. And why no, putting the ringer on silent doesn't count! Eventually, you'll get so annoyed about having to keep turning your phone on and off that you'll begin to resent the person so much for making you waste all of this time, that you'll realize it's just not worth it.

Which of these tips are you going to use today?
xoxo, Brooke

Monday, January 19, 2015

Godiva: A Girl's Best Friend

Whoever said "diamonds are a girl's best friend" clearly never tried Godiva chocolates!

In order to eat my feelings  capture the comforts of home in my dorm room now that I'm back at college for the spring semester of my Junior year, I brought some Godiva truffles along with me for times of need, such as the following:

  • when you're hungry
  • even when you're not hungry
  • when you're slaying piles of homework like the horrid beast that it is
  • when it's time for breakfast before your 9AM class
  • when you're breathing
My personal favorites, you ask!?

Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies 
Image Credit
I will never eat a regular Oreo ever again….

Pumpkin Spice Truffles
Image Credit

Awwdorable wrapping!? Check. Milk chocolate!? Double check. PUMPKIN SPICE FLAVOR!? Check yeah!!

Oreo Wafer Bark

Image Credit
Can you tell I really like Oreos!? Hahaha, this bark is the perfect combination of creamy and crunchy… literally obsessed.

What is your favorite type of chocolate from Godvia?
xoxo, Brooke

[Note: This post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own.]

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Being Loved The "Right" Way

My twenty-first birthday was eleven days ago, and I've been reflecting about my past up to this point. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, this means I was thinking a lot about love.

[imaginary pictures of all previous relationships here]

The truth is, friends, it's not enough to be loved - you need to be loved in the way that's right for you.

Some people need a partner who will give them a decent amount of alone time, while others need to text constantly throughout the day. (The first, for me - hey, I'm a busy lady!)

Some people need to count on a partner to come visit them with some chicken soup and tissues if they're sick, while others don't care about their partner "being there" for them either way. (Again, the first, for me except swap the chicken broth with vegetable broth! #thatvegetarianlifestyle)

Some people like pointing out attractive-looking people with their partner (okay, mini-rant here: this is SO NOT my style!!!! < / end rant > hahaha!), while others view this as unnecessary and detrimental to the relationship (ding ding ding!!).

Out of respect, I tried to avoid mentioning specific instances from  my personal experience as best as I could there. Key word: tried ;) ahaha, but what I'm getting at here is that someone might love you with all of their humanly power, but it still may not be in the style of loving that you need. Some people show their affection through words, others use actions, or material gifts; whichever you need, as nobody has the right to judge (even that last one that I'm sure caused a few eye-rolls), it is important to find a partner who's loving style is compatible with your own so both of you can feel fully appreciated and adored.

Love Me Like I Love You Glitter
I can tell you, though, there are some things that are never okay in love, such as feeling scared all the time (ugh), or belittled, or otherwise disrespected. These are your non-negotiables. For the other things, it's definitely up to you to figure out whether or not you can learn to live with somebody's way of showing love that may not have been your original choice - maybe it's not so bad if your partner wants to celebrate monthly anniversaries, after all! (Ahem, ahem)

I've seen my fair share of couples with people who clearly do love each other, but aren't providing the type of love that the other person craves. As emotionally difficult as it can be, if you have a lot of needs -this is not a bad thing, regardless of what society might say; we all have needs, whether we admit them to ourselves/others or not, so never apologize for yours!- that aren't being met, and still aren't being met after having a heart-to-heart about the way things are going, then it's best to cut the cord, so to speak, and continue on your journey of "finding" the right person.

What are your non-negotiables about the way in which you'd like to be loved?
xoxo, Brooke

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Your Perfect Red Lipstick

[Note: This piece was originally featured in my column on theLOOK and has been adapted from its original publication.]
Sometimes, you find yourself stressed out and other times you find yourself STRESSED. OUT.
The best fix for this is none other than a beauty pick-me-up.  Red lipstick is perhaps the most versatile of choices making it, without a doubt, the perfect candidate for a Must-Have Monday shout-out.  Iconic, sensual, edgy, classy, mysterious – the red lip can do all the talking for you, no actual speech needed.  Depending on the shade of your choosing, it can: change the entire vibe of your outfit,  induce that cute guy from lecture to stare at you for 0.98 seconds longer than usual and even add a smile that seems to imply he’d like to get to know you better (among other things…),  or make little children cry and shout in sheer terror, “CLOWN! CLOWN!”  Yes, friends - the shade matters. 
Read on to discover the perfect shade of red lipstick personalized for your skin tone!
Fair: Revlon, “Wine With Everything”
Underage? No problem! Wearing wine-colored lipstick is the next best thing to a glass of Cabernet.                      

Medium: Revlon, “Rich Girl Red”
Because we all deserve to be Lana Del Ray for a day. 

Olive: Smashbox, "Be Legendary - True Red"

The only thing more attention-demanding than how truly "red" this lipstick is, is how good you’ll look wearing it. The blue undertones will really make the color pop against your skin!

Deep: MAC, “Fixed on Drama”
 So deviously sultry. So incredibly right.  If looking this good should be illegal, then honey, you don’t want to abide by the law!

What's your favorite lipstick for your unique skin tone?
xoxo, Brooke

Friday, January 16, 2015

Currently Trending

I've decided to launch a series of weekly posts talking about what is currently on my culture radar! Here's the low-down for this week:

Reading: The Paris Wife
Image Credit

This book is SO good!! Okay, okay fine, so I'm still on Chapter Two… but the first few pages I've read!? Quite intriguing! It's supposedly a masterful work of historical fiction - which ordinarily I'd pass on, or at least it's certainly not my favorite genre out there in the world of books - in the point of view of Hadley Richardson, Ernest Hemingway's wife, telling the readers about their relationship. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I almost decided not to buy the book at the last moment because I heard the ending is "heartbreaking" (hellooo, did they miss the memo that all love stories, ever, should always have a "happily ever after ending"!?), but I decided to buy it anyway - along with a box of tissues - because it's about ERNEST HEMINGWAY.

Watching: House of DVF
Image Credit
In my vow to become less pop-culturally challenged watch more television, House of DVF is my first attempt. Anything involving fashion, you can count me in for! Again, similarly to how I'm not that far through The Paris Wife, I'm on the first episode. I'm really rooting from that girl that everyone says reminds them of the Jersey Shore - she just seems so genuine, bubbly, and enthusiastic about the opportunity to become a global brand ambassador whereas the other girls seem more… scary-competitive *casually gnaws away fingernails in suspense of who will ultimately be chosen* !

Wearing: my trusty, neon Asics sneakers
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I'll definitely get around to posting about how to cope with a chronic injury *sobs* but my tendonitis in my knees is severely acting up from both this uber-chilly weather & from wearing one pair of heels too many… so I've been wearing these shoes everyday now. I will never be a sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers kind of girl, and I definitely don't feel like "me" when I'm not wearing some sort of wedge-heel booties with a cute skirt and super-girly top… but to be honest, if I'm going to be subjected to wearing sneakers… you better believe they're going to be unabashedly colorful! Love love love these.

Listening to: "Love Me Like You Do - From 'Fifty Shades of Grey' " by Ellie Goulding

The thing I absolutely adore most about Ellie Goulding's unique voice is how emotionally-raw it is. You can practically feel how much the words mean to her; she isn't just singing any random words - they really have meaning to her! And to me, that makes her an exceptional artist.

 Inspired by: Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In & Lean In: For Graduates
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*bows down to her greatness* I can honestly say that this book entirely changed my life. I grew up thinking that men work and women take care of families, that this was just the way things were. When I got to my liberal arts college (emphasis there on the liberal!) I began to realize that this was not "just the way things were". Author and Co-Founder of Sheryl Sandberg promotes the idea that all genders should have equality, both in the workplace and the home. SHERYL, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! (Please, please tell me that you all get the Mean Girls reference… the whole Damien-chasing-the-girl-out-of-the-bathroom-by-saying-Danny-DeVito-I-love-your-work-thing… anyone?? Anyone!?! Maybe I know a thing or two about movies/television, after all ;) hahaha!)

What's currently trending in your life? Any suggestions for a read, watch, wear, listen, or inspirational figure?
xoxo, Brooke