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Friday, December 26, 2014

Weekly Obsessions

So, I've decided to do a weekly post rounding up the major things I've been into, or basically what's been trending in the life of yours truly! (Note: All pics are not my own; they can be found off of Google Images.)

1. Trivia Crack

I am hopelessly, madly, devotedly obsessed with this game. It's the main reason why my iPhone 4s now only lasts half a day, even when starting out with a full charge… but I don't even mind. *saaaawooooon*!

2. Kinfolk Magazine

I first found Kinfolk at BAM (see #3 for reference) after hearing some girls at my college rave about how lovely and unique it is. Boy, were they right! It's based out of Portland, Oregon and is quite minimalist and definitely an inspiration for the indie-hipster crowd. The photography is incredible, the writing thought-provoking, and although a bit on the pricey side ($18 per magazine, although to be honest, they're far more reminiscent of coffee table books), it certainly pays to just splurge for a subscription!

3. BAM (Books A Million)

Maybe I'm just biased because this is the largest "commercial" (rather than independent) bookstore that is relatively close to my house, but BAM is just simply the best. In their discount section, you will find a multitudinous amount of everything from great classic literature to fabulous cookbooks to fascinating history books and more! I first prepare myself by ordering a coffee drink at Joe Muggs, their in-house cafe, while flipping through some magazines I grab from their shelves beforehand. And then? I do a lot of damage in that store… *strokes wallet soothingly*

4. "I'll have a Grande Decaf Non-Fat Peppermint Mocha Latte w/ Whip Cream, please!"

Ohhhh Starbucks. Get. In. My. Belly! I believe if you have a registered card, you score double stars this weekend with every purchase of a qualifying holiday drink! If you wanna reach me, you know where I'll be ;) !

5. G.H. Bass & Co. Cozy Knit Socks

Okay, okay, so they don't technically sell these on their website, but in the outlet stores - lemme tell ya, I have been living in mine - sleeping, lounging, shopping, and if I'm being truly honest here even wearing them to the gym (eek!). They are sooo uber cozy and I believe they are cheaper than J. Crew's camp socks!

What are your weekly obsessions?
xx, B

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