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Friday, December 19, 2014

Taking Care of… You!

So, unfortunately the trip to the Big Apple had to be postponed because I was not feeling good at all this morning (luckily we hadn't purchased our tickets yet!), so I spent the good half of the day in bed, praying my anxiety-induced tummyache would settle… which is when I came to an epiphany, halfway through the old November issue of InStyle magazine that I hadn't gotten to read yet because of the many demands of #collegelife , haha!

I realized that it's time to start loving myself, and taking good care of myself. It's so easy to fall into this pattern of thinking that you're too busy to take that half-hour shower you truly want to take, so you only hop in for a quick ten minutes, or that you and your bestie are fighting so you grab a Good Humour ice cream bar to drown your sorrows instead of making a yogurt/honey/granola parfait.

Once my tummy settled, I forced myself to get out of bed - I migrated to the couch to cuddle with my doggy and read a book, haha!!! Big change, big change, I know ;)

Then I came up with a list of 4 easy ways to start taking better care of ourselves, today.

1. Go to the gym 5 days a week.

One day werk (and why yes, I did indeed just say werk! *sassy hand flip*) out legs, the next is arms day. Alternate between the two each day! Psst…. notice how I didn't give an abs day!? That's because you should do them all five days (!!!), but every other day go a bit lighter - one day go hard, the other day (only do a little and then) go home.

2. Come up with a skin-care regimen that works for you - and do it daily.

For me, personally, I recommend Clinique's 3-step system! I use the "dry combination skin" system; they give you a quick quiz to determine which type of skin you have and voi la! Your personalized skin-care routine awaits! Even though for the past year and a half I've only using step 1 of the system... *sigh* guilty as charged… it works so so well. I swear by it.

3. Know what's actually in your food.

Polyethametabethyl-whaaaa!? If you can't pronounce it, you shouldn't be eating it!! It really is that simple. Start small - swap granola bars for homemade granola (my girl Martha Stewart has this incredible recipe), and make salad dressings from scratch (again, Martha to the rescue!!).

4. Get some Z's.

There's no way you can successfully conquer your day without proper shut-eye! No matter how many hours you think you need, my golden rule is: strive for nine.

5. Quit that negative talk!

Let's be honest: The media can make us feel pretty badly about ourselves. Seeing the Photoshop-enhanced boobs&butts&faces&legs of celebrity women, and the Photoshop-enhanced abs&arms&jawlines of celebrity men makes me extremely annoyed!  Why can't we celebrate people for their talent instead of creating non-realistic portrayals of their original beings? Why must aesthetic appearances take precedence over their skills and personalities, the things that are truly important? External beauty will inevitably fade, but internal beauty is always here to stay.

As a total side-note… Coming back from the gym I saw a drunk driver swerving all across the street, heading towards the opposite side of the road. There aren't many lights around, so he disappeared into the darkness but it made me realize how precious and beautiful life is. During this cray-cray holiday season, be sure to stay safe and report any erratic driving - you never know how many lives you might be saving.

How do you take care of yourself?

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