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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Staying in the Loop

You guys… if you're super busy like me, then you don't have too much time to keep up with the daily news. That's where theSkimm ( ) comes in!

It's a daily e-mail that's sassy, classy, and a little bit smart-assy that sums up all the news you'll need to know for the day so you'll always sound well-informed (super helpful for the workplace or school!!) Here is the link to sign up:

It would truly mean so much to me if you use my unique link up above! Literally, forever grateful. This is because I am a brand ambassador for the company, and I need 20 more people to sign up to achieve my goal! 

I get presents (t-shirts, sunglasses, tote bag, umbrella, etc.) each time I achieve a certain amount of people who sign up using my link so they know they signed up because of me, rather than someone else! Below is a picture of me rockin' my sweet t-shirt for achieving one of my goals:

theSkimm is an awesome current events source!

Not only will you learn a lot about current events, but also you will be able to become a more informed and all-around better citizen/human being! Again, here's the link: 

THANK YOUUU FOR CONSIDERING xoxoxoxo let me know if you followed from my link and I'll buy you a latte one day, I pinky-promise! ;)

How excited are you to sign up for theSkimm!?
xx, B

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