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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rituals for Finals Week

Anyone who claims that Target is not fashionable is severely mistaken… But I'll get back to this in just a bit. Tomorrow is the official last day of classes for the semester at my college, and as you can imagine, the workload has been buhh-rutal these past few days! *sigh*

Whenever Finals Week arrives *cue music from Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" playing in the background*, I order my body weight in Chinese food delivery from my absolute-favorite local place. The middle-aged gentleman who delivers the food is always so genuinely sweet and kind, you know, like the type of guy who must be such a good father to his little kiddlez (and why yes, I did indeed just say kiddlez instead of kids!) at home. I always give him a higher-than-I-really-ought-to-be-giving tip because I love getting the chance to reward others for being good people!

My delicious Asian feast ;)

My mama bear knows me so well - once the Chinese food delivery happens, I'm not about to leave my room (although I ordered it tonight, I still have classes tomorrow, but I really needed a break from the dining hall food) and I wear pajamas for dayzz. Showering is a good idea but not necessarily practical during this time -- ooh yeah, I went there. I'll typically don the same pair of PJs until the work is done. She bought me these uber-cute Target PJs (photo is not my own; taken from Google Images):
My new pajamas<3 
How adorable are these macarons!? Ummm, #awwdorable alert!!!

As a side note, this semester I don't have any actual exams to take in the testing rooms for the first time in my entire college career. Instead, I have two 12-page papers, one for my English class about "Humans & Animals in 19th Century Literature" and one for my "History of Ancient Philosophy" class. I'll then need to prepare my creative writing portfolio for my "Writing the Short Story" class to hand in, and then make final edits on my 4-page paper for my class on the Italian Renaissance "The Artist and the Scientist".

The English paper is due this Friday (12/12), as is the Italian paper. My portfolio is due on Saturday when my entire class is having a southern-style brunch of eggs, grits, bacon (not for vegetarian me, though!), coffee, and apple cider at our professor's house (!!!). The Philosophy paper is due on Tuesday. And here's a plot twist for ya, I need to create seven targeted resumes and seven cover letters for the summer internships I'm going to be applying to over Winter Break.

I'm not even Christian, personally, but JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!!!

Luckily, I'll have these amazing pajamas to keep me snuggly as I type my heart and soul out into those papers. Personally, I prefer doing my homework in bed than sitting at my desk - it just feels far more cozy and less cold/sterile/umcomfy, you know!?

Do you have a favorite studying/working ritual that works for you?
xx, B

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