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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Organization Is Key

Whenever I'm feeling stressed out about a major life change (whether a breakup, family feud, internship applications - or let's be honest here, all three), getting organized keeps me grounded and makes me happier. It provides me with a sense of control, knowing that I'm able to select where things go, and why, and when - all comforting aspects when I feel like life is taking over, as you can imagine!!

I was looking around on Pinterest, and here are some of the categorically cutest organization stations I found:

Isn't this ribbon station just awwdorable!? As a girl who adores wearing bows in her hair, count me in!
I'm definitely all about the books, and this window seat embraced by a whole bunch of them!? Truly heavenly.

Three things I love: magazines, bright colors (esp. PINK!!!), & a good planner. Also, who can resist flowers & a MacBook!? Not this girl, that's for sure ;) !

How do you like to stay organized?
xx, B

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