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Saturday, December 13, 2014

One Last Thing...

You guys, I totally forgot to mention something on my holiday wish-list last night!! Must be all these papers, hmmm…!

~Public Service Announcement about my Finals Status~
 Luckily, I only have four pages left of philosophy, and then I have to rewrite one last piece, about 10 pages or so, for my creative writing portfolio (I'm switching point of view from a third-person narration to first-person narration from one of the protagonists of the story). Then, for my meeting with my career counselor on Monday afternoon, I'll have to create a first draft of targeted resumes and cover letters. *sigh* I can try to finish most of the philosophy tonight, then do edits. But I really need to get started on the creative piece, as well as the targeted resumes/cover letters - eek!

But, back to my wish-list for the holidays! I have been coveting the David Yurman "Cable Classic" Bracelet with Gold (Pearl)  for years now. 

My Mama Bear told me that I can get it as a graduation gift, but the Amethyst gem one is seeeeriously calling my name. Because of my chronic sports injury/whiplash injury from a car accident last February (yeah... it was pretty darn bad), I can no longer stand on my feet for hours on end, nor can I put clothing on hangers or swipe groceries across a conveyor belt. I really would like a job, but it'd have to be something virtual… anyone looking to hire a lady in need!? Skills include: reading, writing, editing, being fashionable, a devilish amount of wit and charm… Pick me, pick me!! *waves hands wildly about* :p

Is there a piece of jewelry you've been lusting over for years?
xx, B

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