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Friday, December 12, 2014

My Holiday Wish-List

The holidays are almost here!! I haven't had the time to figure out what I'd actually want for the holidays yet, because I've been so darn busy with these final essays! I need a break from working, anyway, so here are my top-10 dream gifts… What I truly want is that everyone finds inner peace and happiness and their true love but those goals are a bit lofty *sigh* so I'll stick to more tangible things!

(Note: my parents' rationale is that because they give me money to shop year-round, I only get one or two gifts during the actual holiday season… hahaha which I'm totally fine with. I'll be getting my own credit card when I graduate though sooo #independence which is nice!)

1. Photoshop

I want Photoshop so badly! I want to design my own logo and make all sorts of things with the program. I've learned to use it in a few digital art classes before, but I sort of forget a lot so I'd love to brush up on it!

2. Monogrammed Sweatshirt from Marley Lilly
I'm obsessed with monograms (my personal motto: if it's not moving, monogram it!) and a sweatshirt is a cozy choice to incorporate a dressy design in a low-key way. Perfect with leggings and boots, this would be my go-to outfit for snowy days walking across campus to class - because let's be honest here, there's only a snow day if there's a legitimate blizzard going on…

3. J.Crew Camp Socks
Refer to #4 below...

4. Birkenstock Sandals
I'd prefer to wear these in the winter with my Patagonia fleece, leggings, and J.Crew camp socks. I feel like Birkenstocks can look kinda smelly in the summer, but they're super-cute in the winter to achieve that snow-bunny-chic look!

5. Sparkly Dress (maybe with sequins!?)
My favorite thing to wear in the winter months is something sparkly. The more shimmer and glitter, the better! I absolutely love wearing dresses, so combining the two is certainly an ideal pairing!

6. Gift Card to ULTA <333
Let me start out by saying that I am a makeup fiend. I have way too much of it for my own good because I feel the need to try out everything they put on the market. Seriously, you guys. I keep these companies in business!! During the month of January, I get double the bonus points on every purchase I make because it's my birthday month!

7. Gift Card to Forever 21
Forever 21 is my favorite store, simply because they have every article of clothing you could ever want, ever. Whether clothes for "going out", heading to classes, or a day at the office, Forever 21 has it all.

8. Tickets for a Boston Bruins game
I -love- watching ice hockey!! I've never played, personally, but back in the days of boarding school, watching boy's varsity ice hockey on Friday nights with a styrofoam cup of hot chocolate was such a thing. Since then, I've always loved watching. Even though I'm a native New Yorker, the Bruins (and all of Boston, for that matter…) have simply captured my heart!!

9. Monogrammed Necklace (in 14k Gold)
Ooookay, so this super-pricey, but I personally believe that every girl should have a necklace, preferably a gold one, with her monogram on it!

10. Dinner at Junior's in Mohegan Sun
This is hands-down one of my absolute fave restaurants. The matzoh ball soup, the french fries, the chocolate milk so thick it's as if it's a milkshake, the cheesecake, …. oh, the cheesecake <3!! I tend to only go to Junior's twice a year at most, so when I do go, you can be sure that I go all out! I usually wind up feeling like I have to throw up after from eating so much (ugh) but it's so so worth it.

Bonus: My iPhone broke!! :/ The main menu button popped out somewhere in my bag, but it still works even though the white circle with the little gray square is no longer there. However, the inside of my phone is now exposed to the elements, because of this, so I'd like to use that upgrade to the iPhone 6 that I think is coming up soon with my AT&T family plan!

What's on your holiday wish-list?
xx, B

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