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Monday, December 8, 2014

Must-Haves for a Holiday Party

If you're in the same situation as me, all you need to do is get through the next two weeks, and then the oh-so-beloved Winter Break -cue the *happydancing*- will arrive! The food will be delicious (and HOMEMADE <3…Sorry Harris refectory, it’s not you, it’s me!), the idea of the alarm clock will luckily be merely a distant memory, and your pets will be ready to snuggle you on the couch in the living room by the fireplace in front of the television… *sigh* Let the wintery reveries begin!
But let’s be honest – something else we’re most excited about is the excuse to get dressed up for a holiday party!  Whether Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or anything in between, the following get-ups are sure to add a dose of fantabulousness to your festivities.
1. Santa and Palm Tie (Vineyard Vines, $85.00)
Is it Christmas in July, or do you just have the coolest tie ever!? Charm your fellow party-goers with this cheeky neckwear – it’s the perfect conversation piece, so you’re bound to have something to talk about with others… particularly those of interest! *arches eyebrow knowingly*
2. Gommino Driving Shoes in Suede (Tod’s, $445.00)
The weather outside may be as frightful as the price tag on these luxurious loafers, but I can assure you that you will be able to wear these babies for the rest of your life! The craftsmanship of Tod’s shoes is superior to any other, and these loafers in particular will look good with almost any pair of pants you own. They’re worth taking an extra shift at your job for – seriously!
3. The Belgrave Check Blazer (Jack Wills, $298.00)
If you’ve been following along with the previous posts in my column, you’ll know that time and time again I’ve proffered my theory that a man in plaid (or stripes, for that matter) is a good time. Make a statement to the party people that you’ve got personality – stories to recall, jokes to tell, and have substance, too… you know, the stuff that money can’t buy, a.k.a. the best stuff.
4. Candy Cane Anchor Bow Tie (Vineyard Vines, $55.00)
Because anyone saying they can resist a good sir in a bow tie is in a state of denial. Candy cane anchors!? Ahh, TOO cute!!!!!!
5. Factory Bleecker Broken-In Chino (J.Crew Factory, $19.99)
Did you know, wearing Nantucket red - colored pants makes the world a better place!? Fun fact of the (Mon)day! Please do buy them… for the world’s sake!

1. Mardi Gras Navy Blue Sequin Halter Dress (Lulu’s, $73.00)
There are certainly other ways to be sexy than showing off whatcha mama gave ya (although this dress is pretty short but, pshhh details, details…). By showing off delicate collarbones and strong shoulders with this trapeze shaped-frock, you will look stunning in a sophisticated, respectable way – certainly ideal if the grandparents will be partying along with you! Also to be completely honest, you can have the largest food baby in the world, dare I say it… even food baby twins, and nobody will be able to tell – this fact alone makes it well worth the money.
2. Glamorous Sitting Pretty Blue Sequin Dress (Lulu’s, $79.00)
There aren’t many occasions in life when it’s socially acceptable to wear sequins – unless you’re a preschool teacher and you get them glued onto your clothes by small children! A holiday party, however, is the perfect excuse to embrace your inner arts-and-crafts queen and look beautiful while doing so!
3. Dazzle and Amaze Beige Sequin Dress (Lulu’s $64.00)
Things that are cute and shiny: ornaments, wrapping paper (well…sometimes!), and you in this dress! If you’re not one to shy away from wearing clothing that is tight, consider this the perfect way to work the room – by werkin’ it. Shine on, girlfriend! *struts across the room with the utmost sass*
4. Covered the Basics Dress (Tobi, $86.00)  
This white-sequin stunner is the perfect pop in a sea of LBD’s. Who cares that Labor Day has come and gone!? Not you! News flash, ladies: wearing white is now perfectly acceptable all-year-round. We love.
5. Sophisticated Sparkle Dress (Tobi, 80.00)
For those who love their Little Black Dresses, this dress is a great way to inch out of the comfort zone of your go-to! The asymmetrical hemline creates visual interest, and the chevron pattern of the sequins gives an appreciative head-nod to champagne. So grab yourself a glass of bubbly (if you’re of age, of course!) because this dress is a perfect ten, so “cheers”to that!

Which pieces are your favorites?
xx, B

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