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Monday, December 22, 2014

Mastering the Look: The Sassy Eyebrow

First off, let me warn you that the pictures below are me totesmagoatz goofing around!! I never take myself too seriously in pictures, so when I throw a duck face, rest assured that it's me teasing people who actually take pictures like that without being in jest.

A lady working at Ulta made a semi-rude comment about how if I come back in, they can teach me how to apply the new eyeliner I was going to purchase (to be fair, I haphazardly smeared on some turquoise eyeliner on that morning while packing my stuff out of my dorm room for Winter Break, but still - lady, plz.) and also that they can clean up my eyebrows for me.

PSA: ANYBODY WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS THAT MY EYEBROWS ARE A SACRED, SACRED PLACE. ONLY I AM ALLOWED TO TWEEZE, GEL, CONDITION, TRIM OR OTHERWISE GROOM THEM. I take great, great pride in my eyebrows (stems back from when I was bullied about them back in the grand ol' days of middle school for them being "too thick like trees"…. I know, children can be so cruel and unusual -___- !!) so now I refuse to let others take care of them, as I want to be the one to redeem them from their previous life of unruliness.

So, after she said that, her comment has been lingering in my mind until earlier this evening, when I decided to get to work…

#supersassy!!!! #lolzmcgee!!!!! #hashtag!!! #thatarchthough

#somuchsassiness!!!!! #oohlala #modelstatusyo

As you can see, I am all about the arch! I highly recommend Anastasia's eyebrow stencils (Use coupon code "DELIGHT" for a free mini gift with your purchase!! Y'all can thank me later ;)! )

Do you dare to hand your eyebrows over to a salon, or do you groom them yourself?
xx, B

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