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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

3 Easy Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

This break, my goal is to update my wardrobe from teen to ta-daaa! Because I'm still the same size I was in junior high school (there was the freshman 15 at boarding school *sigh* we don't speak of these days... hahaha, but then I've lost a bunch of pounds in college!), I still have sweatshirts from Rue 21 and (can't believe I'm admitting this - eek!) a few shirts from Limited Too.

Here are super-easy three ways to update your own wardrobe to feel more like a "young woman" than a "youth"!

1. Anything from J.Crew
Wearing clothing from J.Crew is a simple way to make a statement that you are no longer in teenager territory, and are instead a fashion-conscious, on-trend young woman with class. Many stores nowadays are making hemlines shorter than ever before, but nothing is as incredibly alluring as a flattering ankle jean or floor-grazing maxi-skirt. Don't think that showing off all of your skin is the only way to be sexy! If you love a piece for its color, texture, comfort, whatever it may be, your enthusiasm about it will shine through as you wear it and you will radiate infinite confidence - the truly most-sexy element of any outfit!

2. The Statement Coat
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Coats are often overlooked as a way to update a wardrobe, but it is an incredibly judicious starting point! When you're walking around outside or walking into the office/restaurant during the chillier months or at night, the first thing that others will see is your coat. Investing in a classic trench, perhaps updated with a pop of color (cherry red or apple green are my personal favorites!), or classic pea coat in a preppy plaid are ideal choices to show the world the brand-new you!

3. Tasteful, Real Jewelry (with actual gems; costume jewelry doesn't count!)
If you've spent the last few years of your life being a devoted customer of Claire's, it's time to upgrade to Macy's, friends. Start saving up at the beginning of the new year so you can invest in a delicate piece featuring your birth gemstone, or something with diamonds - because who could ever say no to diamonds!?

How do you go about maintaining a fashion-savvy yet grown-up appearance through your outfit choices?
xx, B

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