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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Making REAL New Year's Resolutions

Although I've heard the argument that there's no need to wait for the new year to make resolutions to become a better "you", I personally love the idea of a set time for a fresh start - everyone is supportive of each other's goals and seems to be on the same page as one another.

Here are my personal resolutions - some are pretty touchy subjects (ahem, #3 was so hard to write), but I think far too many blogs today are so "censored" and that just isn't my style!:

1. Exercise 5 days a week.
I usually average about 3-4 days a week, but I'd like to keep it consistently at five - but hey, sometimes things come up, and that's okay too. The key is to be flexible with these things ;) hahaha!

2. Remember that it's okay to put myself first when I need to.
It's like that saying on airplanes how in case of an emergency, we must put on our own oxygen mask before we attempt to help anyone else's with theirs. If we aren't taking good care of ourselves, we will eventually be able to lose our ability to help out others - and anyone who know me personally knows how much I adore helping others!! It's okay to have needs, and anyone who makes me feel selfish/needy/cray-cray/rude/just bad in general about it is not somebody who is kind and understanding  aka not somebody I want to keep hangin' around in my life!

3. Love my body/self again.
I am not afraid to speak up for those of us who have been in abusive relationships, particularly those involving physical/sexual abuse. Although this took place in my freshman year of college, my goal for this year is to heal by developing both self-love and a greater comfort level with the idea of being physically intimate with another person. I used to be far too embarrassed to admit any of this, but I've come to realize how many people find themselves in a traumatic relationship so I speak out for those people here. My goal is not to heal only for myself, but to be living proof to those who think healing is beyond their power. I want to show them that we can and will do so - we are not defined by our past.

4. Read books for pleasure on a daily basis.
As an English major, I usually stick to just assigned reading and then right before bed peruse a magazine, all tuckered out from reading all day. However, there is nothing so joyful to me than reading a good book of my own choosing; I won't have to slave away writing any papers on it - but maybe I'll blog about it! :p

5. Be less (!!!) extroverted.
Okay, okay I know how everyone thinks that being extroverted is much better than being introverted - but for me, I'm starting to disagree. Apparently according to those personality test things (like the Myers-Briggs), I'm 12% more naturally introverted than I am extroverted, which would surprise probably everybody I know. Let's face it - I'm a chatter box. I ask a billion lot of questions. I'm always surrounding myself with other people, and I know how to work a small group of people. But at a party? I'll be the first one in the corner stuffing my face with potato chips so I won't actually have to dance (I'm going to need something a little stronger than fruit punch for that, hmmm ;) …hahahah!). I love writing poetry, blogging, and I'm trying to get into journaling every day - just anything where I can be alone to think. I've realized that being around people can give me a loooot of anxiety if I never get a chance to (over)analyze my thoughts and feelings in the safety of my own company.

ak;sdfakdsfhadkshj that was a lot of personal stuff! But I do feel better posting this, hoping that my words will really resonate with some of you, both as a source of inspiration and providing hope.
I will see y'all again in the New Year - be back on January 2nd!

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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