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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In My Closet: Jack Roger Navajo Sandals

Can I just say that at first Jack Rogers are the most uncomfortable sandals ever - until a week later after wearing them every darn day and you're just madly, hopelessly, irrevocably in love with them!?

Here's a picture of the ones I own:
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I honestly feel like with a little "prep in your step", you can achieve the world and lemme tell ya, ladies -- today I was slapping across the sidewalk, the dining hall, the stairwells, and even (dare I say it!) the bathroom in unabashedly preppy style and I felt like I could achieve absolutely anything I wanted.

I was pretty, I was feminine, I was free. Yet, I was simultaneously a woman on a mission. I felt empowered and ready to take on the world along with any obstacles thrown my way. And all because of a pair of sandals!? How could this be!?

It's the magic of Jack Rogers, friends. I'll let y'all in on a little secret: he pairs quite well with Lilly Pulitzer, J.Crew, Tommy Hilfiger, Vineyard Vines, and all of those country-club chic stores I'm proud to call my favorites.

Other favorites include these totally- fierce leopard print Jackies <3 (is it bad that I've given them a little pet name?! #sorrynotsorry) 
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and these exquisite crocodile-stamped patent leather ones:
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Although sadly Labor Day Weekend has come and gone (ugh, don't remind me!! *sobs*), the weather is still unceasingly warm so take the piggies out to party with a fabulous pair of Jacks! 

Happy shopping, ladies. Get yours today (so our feet can be twinsies!! *sassy handflip*) at . Oh, and don't forget to get yourself a well-deserved pedicure, first! ;)

xoxo, Brooke

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